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-- Edmund Burke
Saturday, March 08, 2008

Latin American Crisis is Over

With an apology, a promise, and a few hearty handshakes, the latest Latin American crisis was resolved at a regional summit in Santo Domingo. The rift caused by Colombia's incursion into Ecuador, killing 23 FARC guerrillas and a top commander, came to a close today. Uribe, Correa and Chavez, the presidents of Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela agreed to end the standoff.
According to the Washington Post:

"The resolution of the crisis, at a meeting of the 20-nation Rio Group, came in the form of a declaration that noted Uribe had apologized for the raid and that he promised never to violate another nation's border. "With the apology and the promise of never again violating a brother country, we have overcome this very grave crisis," said Correa, in comments that were broadcast live across much of Latin America.

"Although the meeting ended on a positive note, the most serious issue raised in the debate -- that Colombian rebels operate with the help of foreign governments -- has not been resolved and is sure to fester."

There is much more to the article. Read it HERE.

Also worth a read is the latest post from Daniel, a Venezuelan blogger whose writings chronicle "Venezuela's slow descent into authoritarianism, the slow erosion of our liberties, the takeover of the country by a military caste, and the surrendering of our soul to our inner demons." The type of insight his blog brings to the Latin American situation cannot be gleaned from newspapers.

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