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-- Edmund Burke
Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Outrage from a Seditious House

The Editors of National Review Online have penned a scathing op/ed about Nancy Pelosi and her fellow leftists in the House--who continue to put their own party ahead of protecting the lives of American citizens:
Here’s the edict from House Democrats: Terrorists plotting to kill Americans get protection from surveillance, while businesses helping to protect Americans from terrorists get ruined by litigation.

For the second time in a month, House Democrats have closed up shop to go on vacation (this time for two weeks) without permitting a vote on a bill that would restore critical surveillance authority to U.S. intelligence agencies. Obviously embarrassed by the bad publicity they generated last time around, they’ve attempted to camouflage dereliction with chicanery, offering an alternative proposal Democrats know to be so deeply flawed that it would be dead on arrival in the Senate — let alone at the White House, where it would be vetoed instantly.

Here’s the bottom line: If an Egyptian terrorist in Iraq calls a Saudi terrorist in Iraq to coordinate an operation against U.S. troops, House Democrats believe the American intelligence community should not be permitted to monitor their conversation unless a judge in Washington is convinced the courtroom standard of “probable cause” has been met.

Mind you, aliens outside the United States have no Fourth Amendment rights, and our current surveillance law, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, was specifically designed to permit the intelligence community to monitor non-Americans overseas without any restrictions or court interference — the point of FISA was to protect Americans inside the United States. No matter. Democrats have decided that a threat environment in which foreign terrorists are targeting the American people for mass-murder attacks is the perfect opportunity for giving foreign terrorists worldwide privacy protections against eavesdropping.

Beyond ignoring the chamber’s Republican members, the Democratic leadership evidently did not think it was important to consult with the intelligence community or the Justice Department about the nation’s surveillance needs. How reassuring to know, then, that the views of the trial lawyers, who so lavishly support Democrats, are so well represented.

The House Democrats’ alternative bill denies telecommunications companies the liability protection that would deflect the trial lawyers’ multibillion-dollar lawsuits against those that have stuck their necks out to help our intelligence agencies. In the emergency conditions that followed the 9/11 attacks, the companies complied in good faith (that is, based on an assurance of legality) with government requests that they assist the NSA’s surveillance program, an effort to thwart further attacks. Without a guarantee that they will not be sued for complying with ostensibly lawful government requests, the telecoms cannot be expected to cooperate expeditiously in the future (even during emergencies) or in the intelligence community’s continuing efforts to maintain a technological edge over those actively trying to kill Americans.
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Isn't it about time for a "phone swarm" to end this madness? It's (202) 224-3121, or write your Congressman here.
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