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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Monday, March 24, 2008

New Jihadist Mantra: If they insult our religion, sue them

Via Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch (and Hot Air), the all-out jihadists' struggle for Western Civilization continues via "soft" means as well; and in the long run this "prong" of the attack is equally perilous.

I'm sorry, but I am about at the end of my rope here. This is going to be a rant, and my apologies if this gets out of hand, but forgive me if I do not believe in committing societal or personal suicide here.
Writers like Spencer, Oriana Fallaci, and Mark Steyn have been talking about the warning signs for years now. Now we can no longer have the luxury of rationally pretending that this sort of thing will simply go away on its own. The Islamic Fascists are religious fanatics; their zealotry and their slow but pervasive radicalization continues unabated as their hate-filled influence grows in societies hungry for little more than someone to hate and to kill.

The time to win this war for our freedoms is now, not later. The longer we wait, the more likely that it will get much, much worse. We must stand firm for freedom of speech and freedom of expression against the prevailing winds of Political Correctness--or we will lose everything.

If you have never read Fallaci's brilliant essays The Force of Reason or The Rage and the Pride; Melanie Phillips' chilling Londonistan; Mark Steyn's powerful America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It; or Richard Wright's Pulitzer-winning The Looming Tower--you need to read them. ALL of them. Because here is the thing: there can be no question about the forces now aligned against the free societies of the West--and of their deadly intent for us. We are infected by a deadly and virulent disease which already has Europe, Africa, and Asia playing "catch up"--and don't pretend to think that the United States is going to get off scott free. It is going to get much worse before it gets better.

Have we not learned ANYTHING in the last 30+ years? The Marine barracks Beirut. Embassies in Tanzania and Nairobi. Hostages in Tehran. WTC I. Munich. Madrid. Saudi Arabia barracks. Gaza. Paris. London. Lockerbie. Glasgow. Kashmir. Mumbai. Bali. Kuwait City. Tel Aviv. Anbar. Chechnya. Beslan. Moscow. Baghdad. Afghanistan. Pakistan. The Phillipines. Burma. Buenos Aires. Sudan. Somalia. Yemen. Kosovo. The Aquille Lauro. Entebbe. Samarra. Fallujah. Ramadi. Bangkok... (Is anyone sensing a pattern here? Just an itsy bitsy one?)

New York. Washington. A field in Pennsylvania. ...

This list goes on and on and on...

What else is there to learn? That it is all our fault??? I don't know about you, but I did not dial up Pizza Hut and ask for an extra large three topping with human heads, human ears, and human fingers.

So you "intellects" out there really think this is happening (and has been since the 7th Century) because Dick Cheney wanted to drum up some biz for Haliburton? So what have YOU been smoking?

And yet our media remains fixated on listening to their phone calls??? Our media wants us just to go on as if nothing was going on at all? They worry about a little water up the snout???

This is madness. We are in an existential fight for our very existence and way of life and a majority of our citizens are as ignorant as the most optimistic member of Neville Chamberlain's staff. It is a disease. And it is spreading rapidly.

A misogynistic child-molesting psychopath way back when starts a cult--and despite its humble beginnings, that ragtag band of "spiritual" bandits and robbers has grown into a worldwide movement of which threatens our entire planet. And yet our country seems to be blissfully ignorant--along with the rest of the world--that anything is awry at all. "Can't we just reason with these people?" they ask...

Are you kidding me??? Have you ever tried to reason with a brainwashed Moonie? Or someone who thinks that a dog is telling them to commit serial murder? Or a paranoid schizophrenic? Or a sociopathic mass murderer who puts human body parts in their deep freeze and eats them? Or someone who believes that the US created the AIDS virus to carry out Genocide? Or someone who denies the holocaust even happened? Or someone who thought that we destroyed our own towers and all those innocent souls--so we could get a few construction projects underway in Iraq?? Whether the United Nations wants to acknowledge it or not, there are some people you cannot reason with. And I would put persons who think their God is giving them instructions to commit mass murder right at the top of the list.

Have we become a nation of brain-dead, feeble-minded, imbecilic morons??

We are supposed to use rational thought to converse with people that think that we brought down--OURSELVES--on one sunny morning the overriding symbols of our financial leadership and all that we stand for, plus our Nation's Military control center to boot??

Can you reason with someone who thinks the Aliens are landing on your front lawn tomorrow? And would you allow them to kill intimidate, kidnap, threaten, bully, suppress our Bill of Rights, enslave and mutilate our women? Would you not consider that someone--whose openly stated desire is to build nuclear weapons and attempt to kill every Jew that breathes our air--just might be better served in a mental institution than wielding power over how you should live your life?

What is the difference between people like this and the people who make videos of themselves sawing our children's heads off? Or who blow up double decker buses and trains in London, or bring down skyscrapers? How are they any different from Hitler and Himmler marching the 14 million souls (including 6 million Jews) into the showers? Should we have gone out of our way not to hurt these people's "feelings" too?

Apparently, the elites, Marxists, and Democrats expect for us to answer that question "yes". And just why is that exactly? For our health? Or is there something more sinister beneath the facade of Political Correctness.

We are expected to simply turn the other cheek for these cretins; do our elites truly expect us to simply wither and tremble in fear when confronted with their evil, yet to bend over backwards-- not only not to hurt their feelings or offend their symbols of hate--but to give in to their demands??

We are supposed to pretend like this is normal, civilized behavior--and that it is we who are wrong to believe that civilized human beings ought not to act this way--simply because we just don't understand their culture?? If this is "culture", give me the jungle.

No, as "civilized people", we are supposed to smile and blame ourselves as these subhuman monsters rub their hands together and plot our personal demise, and the demise of the remainder of the greatest experiment in human freedom the world has ever known. We are supposed have pity for these barbarian freaks. How can we blame them for their suicide bombings of women and children--when the United States has had the audacity to actually stand up for itself and for freedom? The horror. The horror.

This is not being "civilized"--it is collective insanity. Nothing more, nothing less.

"It's all America's fault..." they say. Right: it is America's fault...that we aren't working to send every single one of these sociopathic, malicious, savages to meet their "virgins in heaven" as quickly as humanly possible.

I submit that THIS would be the moral thing to do; that THIS would be the way to save civilization. But if we are going to continue this colossal game of pretending these Islamist zealots can be reasoned with, we might as well just head down to Jonestown and start drinking the Kool Aid now. Because we are dead already.

If we as a nation go down this road, we do not deserve the United States of America. We deserve hell. And if we go down this road, we shall have it, soon enough.

What then must we do?
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