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-- Edmund Burke
Saturday, March 01, 2008

The New York Times vs. John McCain

From Investor's Business Daily's excellent editorial staff comes this pointed question: "Is the New York Times really suggesting that the child of an illegal alien who sneaked past the Border Patrol is qualified to be president, but an American war hero born to American parents overseas is not?"

It wasn't enough for the NYT to run a completely unsubstantiated story about an affair between McCain and a young lobbyist. Now they are suggesting that, because he was born overseas during his father's military service, he is not eligible to run for office. The IBD has a few choice words for the NYT and a clarification of McCain's status as a "natural born citizen":

"The Times notes that to date, "no American to take the presidential oath has had an official birthplace outside the 50 states" and that there's "confusion" over whether "only those born on American soil can be truly natural born.

"There's no confusion here. What the Times doesn't note is that in 1790, three years after the U.S. Constitution was adopted, the Founding Fathers passed a bill that made clear the words "natural born" applied to children born of American citizens "outside the limits of the United States." That law remains in effect and has never been challenged.

"So why are we debating whether the son and grandson of American admirals who fought for his country in Vietnam and spent 5 1/2 years in the infamous "Hanoi Hilton" eligible to be president? And why, for that matter, is the New York Times bringing it up?"

Let's face it. The New York Times is not the newspaper it was once was. It's no longer interested in presenting facts. It's only interested in pursuing their own agenda.....and in this case the goal is to destroy John McCain's chances for the presidency. Media bias has ravaged a once honorable profession, and the NYT is at the forefront of the assault.

Frankly, comparing the qualifications -- at any level -- between Obama and McCain is ludicrous. We are past wondering why the nation continues to be mesmerized by Obama's empty rhetoric. We are now focusing on the hope that sometime before the general election the public will be released from its trance and stop reacting emotionally to a man who is incapable of delivering what he promises.

As for McCain.....we agree with the IBD editors that he has what it takes to get us through the next four years:

". . .when Barack Obama, born Aug. 4, 1961, in Hawaii, was just 6 years old and romping on a Pacific beach while living in Jakarta, Indonesia, John McCain was shackled in a Hanoi prison cell, finding out what constitutes torture first-hand.

"When McCain was in the U.S. Senate getting major legislation such as McCain-Feingold passed, reaching across the aisle to Democrats at considerable political risk, Obama was voting "present" in the Illinois State Senate while making shady land deals with the likes of Tony Rezko, now on trial for influence-peddling.

"John McCain has been loyal to his country and his wife. If anyone has earned the right to be president, it is he. His character and his honor were tested in the solitary confinement of a Hanoi prison cell. He knows how to, as Obama is fond of saying, keep hope alive.

"He knows how to be, is qualified to be and has earned the right to be president of the United States.

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