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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Target(s) Destroyed

Allahpundit's post today about the NY Times' reaction to the Obama ("Checkers") speech is pure gold.

I felt joy reading this; I felt like standing up and cheering in a way reminiscent of that glorious day/night in January 2006 when I sat in the Rose Bowl and watched Vince Young take a 4th and 5 "do or die" situation into the annals of history. And, unlike Obama or his "mentor", my guy and his mentor handled it with class. Now I am engaging in a bit of hyperbole here, because few things in my life will ever match that moment; perhaps a Dexter Pittman slam dunk is a better simile for reading Allah's post....(but I digress)

In any case, Allah put a huge smile on my face today (the following excerpt is addressed to the editors of the NYT):

Hey, guys? If the last 20 years count for anything, the best estimates of his “fundamental beliefs” are that the United States is a racist hegemon begging to have jets flown into office towers to teach it a thing or two about imperialism. He’s a gutless, opportunistic coward who was afraid to say an unkind word to one of the power brokers in the black community on whom he counted for votes as an Illinois politician, and now that he’s a national figure he’s throwing the same guy under the bus to preserve the illusion that he’s a “post-racial” politician. And you’re sitting there cheering him on because you don’t care what sort of idiocy or anti-American vitriol you have to swallow to put a Democrat back into the White House. Does that about sum it up? Have I missed any “nuance” in the “U.S. government created the AIDS virus” rant that Obama never, ever heard anything about and that you’re now willing to wave away?

Exit question invitation: Which parts of Wright’s sermons, precisely, does the New York Times have any great objection to? The punchline to all this nonsense is that the good reverend’s rantings really aren’t very far outside the liberal mainstream (his AIDS theory notwithstanding), which is probably why Obama thought he could bury this scandal in the first place. So let’s compromise: You make a list of everything Wright’s said that you think is beyond the pale or off the reservation and we’ll pretend that Obama’s objections to those statements are heartfelt and sincere and not something he’d ever, ever want his young daughters to hear. Deal?

Allah: respect is due. Read the whole thing.

And PS, just for the record: Barack, you are NO Vince Young. Not even close.

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