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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Sunday, March 02, 2008

What Will Obama Do on Pay Day?

We've often wondered why 90% of blacks still vote for liberals if decade after decade of voting for them has failed to put a dent in the solution of their problems. They're doing it again with Barack Obama. Blacks across the nation are almost worshipfully pinning their hopes and dreams on the man who would be the first black president of the United States. Unfortunately, we think their enthusiasm and support for Obama will prove to be just as fruitless.

Bob Parks, of Intel Radio Network, tries to put some perspective on the attitudes and emotions that fuel Obamania.

"It’s kind of like blacks who were jumping up and down in joy when O.J. was first found not guilty. Like, what did they win? Obama’s presidential run is all about symbolism. A President Barack will mean the end to what, exactly? Obama and his family will be hooked up for life. Will all racial barriers be broken down? Will the sky open up, and will we hear celestial choirs of joy?

"Blacks are expecting an almost instant leveling of the playing field. Government cannot detoxify the millions of blacks who’ve willingly been injected with the liberal drug. Obama can’t erase the black notion that studying in school is acting white. Obama can’t outlaw the housing project mentality that bred generations of social dependents. Black gang members won’t lay down their arms and crack upon hearing that the President Obama has come down from above.

"Ironically, it won’t be the black vote that puts Barack Obama over the top. It’ll be those liberal, guilt-ridden whites. Barack Obama now has to circumnavigate that windy road where he can’t promote policy that will help blacks at the expense of whites, and vice versa. That “hope” thing may be inspirational, but can also be risky."

We've been maintaining for months now that Obama won't be able to deliver his promises, simply because he has tried to be all things to all people and there is no way he can please everyone.....especially a culturally and racially diverse population, all of whom want different things. President Obama will have his hands full trying to right all the wrongs and meeting all the expectations of the people who put him in office. Bob Parks (who happens to be black) puts it this way: "Barack, the check is about to bounce."

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