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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Thursday, May 22, 2008

Muslim Suicide Bomber Fails in Attempt to Blow Up Crowded London Restaurant

Did you catch this one on the TV News this evening? I certainly didn't. After all Barack Obama was speaking empty platitudes and canned promises to a sycophantic audience somewhere; now that's news...

Which begs the question: how long is the media going to try its mightiest to look the other way as the very people they are paid to "inform" are continuously threatened by extremist Islamist zealots wanting to murder our civilians, women, and children--over a sick nihilist fundamentalist view of their religion? How long are they going to defer to a backwards political ideology which has been shown to be fundamentally and fatally flawed, when it endangers the rest of us> How long? (thanks to Gateway Pundit for this terrific find):
A 22 year-old suicide bomber was the only one injured when his bomb went off early at an Exeter family restaurant- The Giraffe.

The restaurant was pretty full at the time of the attack.The 22-year-old man was arrested at the scene. He suffered lacerations to his eye and some facial burning.

It was a nail bomb.
The Evening Standard reported:
A restaurant customer has been injured in a suspected nail bomb attack on a city centre restaurant.

The exploded shortly after a man entered the Giraffe Restaurant in the Princesshay shopping centre in Exeter, Devon.

The customer was taken to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital and the area has been sealed off by police.
The Times Online and Infidel Blogger's Alliance have more.

It sounds like the man was in a locked toilet when the bomb went off prematurely.
...Maybe he was putting on the suicide vest?

Get this... Authorities are questioning whether it was an animal rights activist!
The Mail Online reported:

Special branch detectives are investigating whether the real target may have been another shop in the area, possibly one which sells products which are tested on animals.

There have been attacks on shopping centres in the West Country over the past 25 years which have been linked to animal rights extremists.
Yeah... Those animal rights extremists are blowing themselves up right and left these days!

Pastorius reported that 2 additional devices were found in the area.

UPDATE: Guess what?... It wasn't an animal rights extremist, after all.

Bomber is a young white male and a Muslim convert.
Imagine that?
I am shocked, shocked... A Muslim wanting to blow up an English restaurant? Surely not...

And so the Orwellian nightmare continues. The media is content to let us wander through the nightmare blissfully unaware of the facts or of the danger we're facing--in large part because of their very effort to suppress it! When is enough truly enough? Will it take losing a city? Hundreds of thousands in a gas attack? A biological plague?

If so the blood will be on the head-in-the-sand-media's hands as much as it will be on the terrorists.
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