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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Wednesday, June 11, 2008

UPDATED Muslim-backed Dems caught Registering the Dead to vote in Louisiana

Democrats, doing it the old fashioned way--fixing the game:

Analysts used to joke about waiting for the results from cemetery precincts in Chicago before calling elections. In Louisiana, that may be closer to the truth than one might imagine. WBRZ reports on a voter registration scandal that had Democrats submitting thousands of fraudulent enrollments, included George W. Bush and a bunch of dead people:

Secretary of State Jay Dardenne said Tuesday he will meet today with a Democrat-affiliated group responsible for a voter registration effort that is inundating East Baton Rouge and other parish registrars with bogus and incomplete applications.

Dardenne said his investigators are trying to determine if any state election laws have been violated as thousands of voter registration cards have been dumped on registrars offices through the efforts of VIP.

“We have some very real concerns about the data we are getting from them,” Dardenne said.

VIP is a Washington, D.C., group hired by national Democrats to register some 70,000 new voters in advance of the presidential and other federal elections this fall.

It’s easier to meet that goal when recruiters don’t pay attention to details, such as a pulse:

Two cards received in Caddo Parish had George W. Bush as the voter applicant with a 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. address in Shreveport, Dardenne said. Other cards have been filed for prisoners who cannot vote and dead people. In Jefferson Parish, a voter registration card was filed for the registrar of voters.

UPDATE: My good friend retire05 points out a glaring omission:
DT, you didn't give the best part of the story.

Who is VIP? Why, none other that the Muslim American Society at 3606 Forest Drive, Alexandria, Va. Yep, check their web site:

This would be the same Muslim American Society that is suspected of having funneled money to terrorist organizations in the ME and has been under federal investigation and is also suspected to be a Saudi funded front for the Muslim Brotherhood. And what do you think is next door? Yep? The WAMY Internation, claimed to be a Muslim youth organization, and was training young Muslims in the art of jihad. And on the other side? Well, Lawdie, Lawdie, none other than the office of Abdurahman Alamoudi's American Muslim Foundation. Alamoudi is a convicted terror conspirator. A few doors away? The office of Mahammed al-Hanooti, the Grand Mufti of the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center, a large Saudi funded Wahhabi mosque.

So it seems the Democrats are too stupid to check addresses. Or maybe they are so determined to elect Obama that they are willing to climb into bed with our enemies.

Oh, wait, the Democrats think the only enemy worth fighting are Republicans.
Now why in the world would an organization funding terrorist interests want to rig the game for Obama and the Democrats?
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