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-- Edmund Burke
Thursday, June 26, 2008

Did Democrat Delahunt Imply AQ should harass (or kill) Cheney Aide? Looks that way...

When I heard Mark Levin talking about this (and heard the clip itself) on his show tonight, I could hardly believe my ears. A US Congressman (D-Stalingrad, MA) suggests in a televised "show trial" (i.e. one of the houry witch hunts/partisan show trials that the Dems have been spending the people's tax dollars conducting since Hour 1, Day 1 of their assuming the majority...) that he hopes Al Qaeda is watching a former Chief of Staff of the Vice President testify about interrogation methods. And I am in full agreement with Allahpundit--how CAN you take it any other way? What other possible context is there to his statement.

Dispicable. Beyond contempt.

Seriously though, in a just world, this little partisan stunt truly is worthy of censure or even impeachment. This man exemplifies everyting vile about American politics in general and the Marxist Reactionaries which have now become the Status Quo for the Democrat Party (emphasis mine):

It must be out of context. Even if you’re willing to believe he’s this indecent, surely the media microscope is enough to keep congressmen away from fantasizing publicly about their political enemies being killed by terrorists. So let’s assume he meant something else. What did he mean?

[Cheney chief of staff David] Addington told [Democratic Rep. Bill] Delahunt he couldn’t discuss specific techniques being used, or even discussed for use, by CIA agents because terrorists may be watching his appearance and would gain insight into what U.S. intelligence agents are up to.

“You kind of communicate with Al Qaeda if you do. I can’t talk to you because Al Qaeda may watch C-SPAN,” Addington said.

Delahunt responded: “I’m sure they are watching. I’m glad they finally have a chance to see you, Mr. Addington, given your penchant for being unobtrusive.”

Actually, that transcript’s not accurate. Watch the clip at Think Progress — which, predictably, has not a word of criticism for Delahunt (but would screech if the party affiliations here were reversed) and seems mystified that discussions of sensitive security matters might be reserved for, say, closed sessions of Congress or classified congressional briefings. “Yeah, I’m sure you’re pleased,” says Addington sarcastically, suggesting that he took Delahunt’s crack to mean … exactly what it sounds like he meant.

In case you want to tell the Congressman how you feel about it, the switchboard for Congress is (202) 224-3121. Specific office numbers here. Caution--don't get yourself in trouble: just tell his office how you feel, but don't be vulgar or make threats. With Delahunt and his cadre of persecutors, there is already plenty of vulgarity to go around.

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