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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Tuesday, June 03, 2008

McCain's Embarrassing Dud; Starting off with a Whimper

Good grief.

Given the choice between getting my molar extracted (which I had done a couple of weeks ago) or watching John McCain's awful delivery of an average "play to the center" political speech to a national TV audience, give me the molar extraction: at least they gave me pain meds for the tooth surgery.

Awful. Simply awful. Despite having an overwhelming advantage in actual policy positions, McCain is worse articulating those positions than either President Bush has been. Obama meanwhile is Jack Kennedy on steroids (even if a Marxist one).

We deserve better (i.e. Newt, Fred, Mitt or even Rudy...). But no.

When this is the best candidate that our Republican primary process can produce, something is abysmally wrong with that process. The Republicans do have "star players"--yet they refuse to put them on the only playing field that really counts. That has to change, and fast. Even if it means going back to the days of smoke-filled rooms.

Al Davis put it as succinctly as anyone: "Just win, baby." Yet the Republicans are too busy cowering from/reacting to the moves of their opposition in the media rather than playing offense. What has to be done is simple, yet no one seems has the courage to do it: be themselves, and be proud of it. Republicans have to take the initiative in getting their message out there and also in consolidating power and unity of purpose. But for it to truly succeed it must be done from an "Outside the Beltway" perspective. Like Reagan's. I think Georgia is a hell of good place to start from.
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