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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Monday, June 30, 2008

The NYT: Give "Swiftboating" back its Good Name (and don't you DARE criticize The Savior...)

From the always (appropriately) cynical Sweetness and Light, commentary on the New York Times and its latest attempt to defuse any and all legitimate criticism of His Majesty, Light of the Universe, Healer of all Races, Appeaser of all Terrorist sponsors, "Planet Savior", Purveyor of Endless Class Envy, Enemy of Capitalism, Supporter of Zero Sum Economics/Politics, and Champion of all that is Marx/Engels, Barack Obama:

Sorry, but that is as far as I could read.

And not because this is yet another typically overly wordy and meandering New York Times article.

But it is Olympian grade hypocrisy for The Times to shed crocodile tears over the supposedly negative connotation of the term "Swift boat."

For it is only due to tireless efforts by The Times and the rest of our Democrat owned and operated media that the name has become pejorative — if it has.

After all, what did the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth do? What were their crimes against humanity?

They exercised their God given right to express their political opinions about a Presidential candidate.

Moreover, their opinions were based upon their personal experience and knowledge — none of which has been refuted by Mr. Kerry nor anyone else.

In truth, many if not most of the SBVT were lifelong Democrats, including John O’Neal.

Their personal knowledge was supplemented by research by people like yours truly, who uncovered further damning material about Mr. Kerry, after he returned from his four months in Vietnam.

Such as how Mr. Kerry lied about our soldiers, gave aid and comfort to the North Vietnamese, negotiated with representatives of the enemy, and even was present at a meeting where plans to assassinate pro-war Congressmen were discussed.

This was information a real media concerned about having an informed citizenry media should have been eager to report.

But instead our watchdog media sought to cover-up and even denigrate these facts, and those who dared to bring them to light.

And once again, this is information that has never been refuted.

But as we now know all too well, being "Swift boated" actually means having someone tell inconvenient truths about a Democrat.

Which is of course exactly why this is being trotted out at this time. We are being warned not to "swift boat" Mr. Obama.

That is to say, we are not to bring up any unpleasant facts about him.

The New York Times and their Democrat masters have spoken.

Here endeth the lesson.
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