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Saturday, June 21, 2008

UPDATED Obama and his new "Presidential Seal" -- a Sign of things to come?

UPDATE: The seal, if Obama were really honest about his intentions (shamelessly pilfered from Matt Margolis):

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I am sorry, but it is difficult not to get the impression that Barack Obama isn't merely a vehicle for implementing head-in-sand appeasement, State Socialism, the nationalization of business, devastating regulation and taxation, and a ruined economy to American citizens; with stunts like this he is increasingly appearing to be a bona fide megalomaniac. Speaking behind his own personal "Presidential Seal" (before a single vote is cast?), Obama has even caused the left leaning MSM to take notice.

Truthfully, it is sort of akin to Hitler introducing the Swastika in Germany as his "personal symbol" as he rose to power. Next thing all the Obam-unists will be wearing black uniforms with the "Seal of Obama" on their armbands, and conducting torch marches through the streets of our cities, ready to rough up anyone who dares raise a finger against him...

Obviously I am being a bit cynical here, but in truth I do find it to be quite disturbing that Obama would agree to this sort of thing. It is as if he thinks that most people won't notice this "subliminal" symbol. Or worse: maybe he hopes they will... What kind of delusional grandiosity is this guy really harboring under that thin veneer of being a "uniter"?

Rick Moran finds it positively "creepy" too (who can blame him?) :
Mr. Obama is not the president. And while the US Senate has their own seal, I don’t recall individual senators adopting personal seals for their own use.


Now there are several different ways we can interpret this. Is Obama pulling our leg a little about this messiah crap? Is this kind of an inside joke in the campaign? Did some overzealous, true believing staffer stick this on the podium and Obama never saw it?

Or does Obama believe that he has achieved a special status in America and is deserving of his very own seal to proclaim such?

Broder mentioned the seal’s similarity to the Presidential Seal. Courtesy of CNN, here they are side by side:

Would someone (and I’m sure one of my polite, erudite trolls will oblige me) tell me I’m full of crap and me getting creeped out over this – seeing it as a sign of megalomania – is just a product of my intense dislike of the candidate and nothing to get my panties in a twist over?

Some of my righty friends are taking this very seriously. My buddy Mac:

As I noted before the seal shows what appears to be an eagle in retreat with it’s back turned on the Flag. Couple this with Obama’s desire to “Remake” and “Disarm” America and we have all the reason in the world to be alarmed and ask questions.
Frankly, I don’t see that. It appears the eagle is facing the same way on both the Presidential Seal and Obama’s seal. You might note that the Obama seal’s eagle is missing the ribbon in its beak found on the Presidential Sea. The writing on the ribbon is “E Pluribus Unum” or “Out of Many, One” which is a fine motto for a republic. On the other hand, “Yes we can” – found in Latin above the Obama eagle – is the kind of motto geeky kids in Latin class would have put on a parody seal – the kind of inside joke that only the geeky kids who knew Latin would get.

Definitely creepy – and pretentious. The motto is so banal and saccharine sweet that translating it into Latin and sticking it on a faux presidential seal can only be seen as an attempt to attach more gravitas to a candidate than he deserves. And perhaps that’s the ultimate reason for the entire exercise.

Interestingly, Mac has a screen shot of the seal as the background template for Obama’s website so this thing didn’t just drop out of the blue.

Now, admittedly, on the Moran Distraction to Nuclear Detonation Scale© of 1-10 where the lower the number, the closer to a true campaign distraction (rather than a distraction the candidate claims any incident to be) this one registers about a 3. I just find it interesting that Obama would feel the need or think it would boost his campaign, or otherwise advance his candidacy to have his very own “Obamaland Seal.”

It still creeps me out.

And lest we forget, Michelle has been up to her own version of "subliminal" persuasion too:

These decisions are not made in a void. This is what they want you to see. Does it not give you an insight into these people's real mindset here?

Very disturbing.
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