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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Sunday, June 08, 2008

Obama's Official Website: "How the Jewish Lobby Works"

The Obama Campaign: home of anti-American clergy, former terrorists, Marxists and anti-Semites:

Here’s yet another disgusting antisemitic page at the official Barack Obama campaign web site, by a group calling itself “Socialists for Obama.” This group of Jew-haters has apparently been at his site since April, and there are numerous comments from Obama supporters that are indistinguishable from the hate speech you’ll find at neo-Nazi sites

: Barack Obama : : Change We Can Believe In Socialists for Obama: How the jewish lobby works.

There’s something deeply wrong with a presidential candidate who attracts so many of these hateful psychotics. Read the comments; you just won’t believe what is allowed to be posted at Barack Obama’s web site.

(Hat tip: Doug Ross.)

That little ditty was brought to you by "Socialists for Obama" from the Official Obama site's "Community Blogs" pages. Of course "Socialists for Obama" is rather redundant...sort of like "Chocoholics for Hershey's"...

Gateway Pundit is now reporting that this particular post has been taken down (too late!), but that other troubling "community" links (e.g. to "The New Black Panther Party") remain. Welcome to the "new" Democrat Party.

ps - Don't expect this to lead the news on MSNBC or CNN...
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