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-- Edmund Burke
Sunday, July 06, 2008

Conyers Wife Implicated in Federal Bribery Case

Ah, John Conyers. Along with Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Lee, and a about 30-40 others on the Stalinst Left of the Democrat party, a true Marxist's Marxist.

Normally you don't really go out of your way to throw a politician's family members under the bus, but this story does beg one question, especially since Mrs. Conyers is also a politician, and considering her husband's track record (see above) and his own issues with corruption last year: how exactly did Mrs. Conyers come into this "opportunity"? Is is in a similar way that Michelle Obama got her big "raise"??

Via Gateway Pundit:
Do you remember Rep. John Conyers' wife Monica?
She's the Detroit City Council President Pro Tem who threatened to shoot someone, threatened to have someone beaten up, and most famously called a balding city council member, "Shrek." (Video HERE)

Well, Rep. John Conyer's wife Monica conyers is now implicated in a Detroit bribery case and the FBI says they have "electronic surveillance evidence" that links her to the crime.

Mrs. Conyers has not been to work since the news broke.
And the MSM band played on...
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