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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Thursday, July 10, 2008

Entertainment, Education... and well, then there's the McCain campaign

While I know Barack Obama is enthusiastic about our learning Spanish and all; still, some of us need some help in actually understanding what Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are actually trying to say in English:

Meanwhile Drew Carey gives us a taste of life during an Obama Presidency that would rubber stamp whatever Pelosi, Reid, and company decide that we "need".

I'm over and out until Monday; in the meantime, here is some free advice for my fellow ideologues: if you possibly can, TRY to tune John McCain out; hell if you see his face on the news, just change the channel or something. Or turn down the sound and turn on some of your favorite music (even a song about the Democrats would probably be less painful...).

In any case, anything you can do to avoid listening to Maverick talk at length is going to be a plus; because if you listen to "our" guy for long enough, it is going to be counterproductive, I promise you. It will cause massive "brain confusion"...

Also: when you are talking to all your friends and neighbors about the need to defeat the Marxist Obama and his Democrat apparatchiks this fall (as you should do--hell, somebody has to...), please try and pretend that our candidate for President of the United States really does know what the meaning of "recession" is--all evidence to the contrary.

ps: Real American Heroes: Let's raise our glasses to Phil Gramm. Phil, you may not be a smooth talking politician like the scripted Stalinist opposition, but you do know truth when you see it; so, here you go Mr. Tell It Like It Is Despite Your Boss' Fence-riding Pandering: at least you aren't quaking in your boots about actually speaking the truth about your opposition; so fire away, Phil baby--this Bud's for you:

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