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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Tuesday, July 22, 2008

UPDATED: DEVASTATING--Instant Replay of Obama on the Surge: THEN and NOW

with a BIG h/t to Sweetness and Light, these are highly illustrative of a man willing to abandon his so-called "new politics" and "principle" at the drop of at hat. (WARNING--watch them fast; before the Obama "Thought Police" move to get them removed--like virtually every other Obama contradiction has been documented has been targeted by the Stalinists in his campaign recently...) So if you see the message "Message No Longer Available" on any of the videos below you will know why:

Obama on the Surge in South Dakoka:

Obama on the Surge on Face the Nation:

Obama on the Surge on MSNBC:

Obama on the Surge on Meet the Press:

Obama on the Surge on Today Show:

And FINALLY: Obama on the Surge--Today in Jordan:

Note how he gives credit to EVERYONE but our men and women who have risked--and in some cases sacrificed--their lives. This is an ABOMINATION.

UPDATED: I think Dan Riehl was absolutely spot-on with this:

Obama's reprehensible, ill-informed and misleading comments regarding Iraq - and specifically the surge - may qualify him as the first genuinely un-American presidential nominee in history. It's impossible to define a man who would attempt to gain the office of Commander-In-Chief by losing an American war an American. Evidently Obama's upbringing instilled in him nothing of the best of American tradition. He's, purely and simply, a total sell-out - all ego and ambition, with no realistic positive vision for America at all.

What the hell is this below supposed to mean? I was clueless and got it dead wrong, but, if not for that, my judgment would have been right ...?? because I am the messiah come to deliver you from Satan Bush. Now don't ask me anymore tough questions, or I'll write a whiny op-ed in the New York Times that everyone's always picking on me, just as they were my wife before I cried about that. What a pathetic excuse for a man, let alone a would be world leader this clown is.

"Here is what I will say," Obama said, "I think that, I did not anticipate, and I think that this is a fair characterization, the convergence of not only the surge but the Sunni awakening in which a whole host of Sunni tribal leaders decided that they had had enough with Al Qaeda, in the Shii’a community the militias standing down to some degrees. So what you had is a combination of political factors inside of Iraq that then came right at the same time as terrific work by our troops. Had those political factors not occurred, I think that my assessment would have been correct."

Yeah, without an increased troop presence bringing more security due to the surge, the Sunnis would have just up and kicked al-qaeda out on their own. What a scumbag this guy is. He just sold out the entire military in that one statement - and all to try and save his ass for being so absolutely wrong on Iraq. Disgusting.

It's fair to conclude this dilettante would sell-out anyone, or anything to gain a political advantage. Not only does America not need a president like that, frankly, we can't afford one. The all-Obama all the time press coverage of his current travels has to qualify as one of the low points in our media's history. And that is saying something, indeed.
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