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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Thursday, July 17, 2008

Obama: A Call for a US version of the KGB/Stasi??

The more I hear about Barack Obama's proposal for a "strong internal National Defense force" (that is, outside of: the FBI, Secret Service, DEA, ATF, National Guard, NSA, IRS, ICE, Coast Guard, and Homeland Security....)--you really have to wonder what the hell he is talking about. Especially when--as Ed Morrissey and Gateway Pundit point out--about half (or more) of his rhetoric disappears from his website and official transcripts as fast as it goes up

Naturally it would involve a huge federal bureaucracy--I mean we are talking about a neo-Marxist's proposal, after all. But this particular proposal sends chills up my spine; it evokes visions of "The Lives of Others". Imagine a bureaucrat, listening to your conversation because you are suspected as having "beliefs" counter to the goals of the Socialist state. Perhaps you have conservative leanings and are thus judged to be "ideologically impure" towards the Democrat Socialist juggernaut.

This seems to me to be less of a "national defense" proposal and more of an instrument of tyranny, a la the Soviet Union, China, and the former East Germany. Judging where Obama comes from ideologically--and their predeliction to silence all criticism on college campus and elsewhere of everything Politically "Correct".

It's the Obama two-step: 1) Elect him. 2) Prepare to be monitored by the thought police. And audited, and spied on, and disarmed, and otherwise harassed. Who knows, maybe Barack will even have his new "force" create some "re-education camps".

If only Orwell were alive to see this.
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