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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama's Biggest Complaint: Troops want to watch FOX News!

This is highly illustrative, compliments of the "always-on" Pam Geller:

This thumbsucker is unbelievable. Click below to watch the video of Obama complaining that the troops only watch FOX." Why is FOX always on? " Obambi whined. Major Garrett said, "they make the choice" " Obama replied "Is that the commander in chief's choice?" huh? What a frickin crybaby.

He implies its a Bush conspiracy. Just for knowing, American Forces Radio and Television Service offers all cable channels and mainstream media channels, the troops choose FOX.

It aint a conspiracy its called "remote control"! The troops can change the channel.

Expect the Pelosi to introduce a "military fairness doctrine"

He complained that everywhere he went FOX was on. What a putz!! And if there is ever a mandate that a news channel be on -- its CNN. Have you ever been to an airport where FOX was on?
One viewer wrote in that at his last visit to Walter Reade Medical Center l CNN was on all the TVs at the hospital, when he requested they change the channel to FOX, he was told that it was hospital policy that the TV could not be changed from CNN" (!) And that's Walter Reed.

The video she's talking about is here:

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