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-- Edmund Burke
Monday, July 07, 2008

Texas College Campuses to ditch Gun Free Zones??

Maybe some folks right here in the Great State of Texas were actually taking notes during the Virginia Tech shootings. That massacre of course occurred in a "Gun-Free Zone"--meaning that only the mass murderers had guns, while everyone else in sight was defenseless (h/t Of Arms and the Law):

Texans might soon be able to pack heat on college campuses.

That is just one of several proposals that could reach lawmakers next year as they — and legislators nationwide — explore broadening some gun laws.

“It addresses personal protection,” said state Rep. Joe Driver, R-Garland, who heads the House committee that considers gun bills. “People who do things [like the Virginia Tech shooting] basically know they are walking into a gun-free zone.

“They are cowards ... facing people not allowed to fight back.”

Lawmakers could set their sights on several proposals next year in the wake of the recent historic Supreme Court ruling that determined that Americans have a right to own guns for hunting and self-defense.

Communities nationwide are doing the same thing.

Changes are already under way in some states, such as Florida, where employees may now lock guns in their cars even on private property, and Georgia, where pistols are now allowed in state parks and restaurants and on public transportation.

And lawsuits have already been filed challenging some city rules — including one in Chicago that bans possessing a gun in the city and one in San Francisco that bans handguns in public housing.

Texas likely won’t end up in the litigation fray, said James Dark, executive director of the Texas State Rifle Association.

“It is questionable whether there are any Texas laws strict enough to warrant court scrutiny,” he said. “Our laws are not restrictive enough.”

But anti-gun groups are working to counter future legislation nationwide, already boosting fundraising efforts to fight more challenges.

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