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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Saturday, August 23, 2008


The walking Marxist gaffe machine adds... another Master of the genre.

Now if only McCain won't screw the pooch with someone like Lieberman...

UPDATE: More over at Ace of Spades. This is going to be fun...

UPDATE: Allah seems positively ecstatic, which is more than can be said for key Clinton advisors:

The only way this could be more awesomely awesome is if it involved robots. As it is, I’m downright woozy at the thought of what’s in store on Tuesday night.

No justice, no peace:

A top Clinton advisor also told CNN they were “outraged,” over how the process was conducted.

“You can’t put [Obama VP vetters] Eric Holder and Carolyn Kennedy on an hour plane ride to Chappaqua just to check the box? They should have done it just for the optics,” this person said. “Barack never even said to her, ‘Here’s how I envision the job’– not one discussion with her about [the position].”

“They thought her supporters were mad before? They are really mad now,” this person also said. We knew it was never going to happen but you would have thought they might at least make a show of it.”

Former Clinton strategist Paul Begala echoed similar frustrations on CNN Friday night.

“I think there are a lot of Hillary voters who are going to say, ‘Hey, wait a minute, man. You said you were going to put her on the short list. You know, you didn’t even vet her. You didn’t call her. You didn’t seek her advice,’” Begala said. “By the way, he didn’t seek President Clinton’s advice either. He’s actually the guy who I think picked the best vice president in American history. You would think maybe you would sort of check in with him.”

(read the whole thing--Bill Kristol has an interesting take too...)

I have to slap myself when I find myself agreeing with Begala on anything, but I think he has a point in this case. I'm actually not far behind Allah in being a bit enthused that Obama picked Biden, but I am keeping my powder dry because a lot still rides on who McCain picks now--he absolutely must not piss off the base: e.g. nominating Lieberman would wipe out any advantage that Obama's fumble with Hillary and Biden creates for McCain, because the Republicans would be every bit as divided--if not more so--than the Dems are going to be because Obama did not even interview Hillary. It was a serious mistake not at least going through the motions with Clinton, even if Obama was never going to pick her... But McCain has not run a mistake-free campaign either. So I am keeping my powder dry until he picks. The Republicans are already upset enough as it is with the top of the ticket--if McCain rubs conservatives' face in it with a

For McCain's pick, I'm seeing and hearing a few rumors about Kay Bailey Hutchison--which would be a better pick IMO than Lieberman or Ridge (and maybe even Pawlenty)--it certainly might play well with some of the disaffected female Hillary voters; but if McCain is going to pick a woman, I'm still holding out hope for Sarah Palin. You can read about her and sign the petition here.
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