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Saturday, August 30, 2008

How to ENSURE Women vote for McCain--Nutroots organize nationwide searh for anything scandalous about Palin

Ah, those egalitarian, Napa valley white-wine sampling "let's rise above petty politics" left-wing nutjobs; one day in, and they are already putting out calls for dirt, any kind of dirt on Sarah Palin. Ace has an excellent post up today on what Obama's so-called "new kind of politics" is really about (red emphasis is mine; note--there is a bit of colorful language herein):
And the Hunt Is On!

Lefties are furiously scouring the internet for Sarah Palin's old position papers on NAFTA.

Just kidding. They say they want to keep the debate elevated and discuss the issues, but that is, of course, like so much of what they say, an utter lie. Mitigated only by the fact they're so self-deluded about their own righteous virtue and lofty intellectualism they almost believe it themselves.

So what are they looking for?

Well, check out the search which just landed on my site. And the various lefty sites encouraging searching in this direction.

Here's an example from Craigslist...

got a be a pic out there somewhere. Will the religious hardliners vote for a woman that was in a swimsuit competition?

Their counterpart Taliban wouldn't.

But the lefty blogs are alive with the hopes of a swimsuit pic that will disgust all of us crazy vagina-fearing right-wingers.

Stay classy, left wing. Stay classy, and stay deluded.

Do you honestly fucking believe anyone's going to be put off by a young woman wearing a fucking swimsuit?

Projection ain't just a river in Egypt.

The Obamabots really aren't going to try to reverse that reputation for misogyny any time soon.

Friendly Fire: No pics of Sarah Palin in scandalous beachwear yet, but some minor collateral damage inflicted -- CNN reporter John Roberts, back in the eighties, in Toronto, I think, hosting some stupid teenage video show or somethin'.

But lookin' cool.

You search for one of ours in a swimsuit, we post one of yours in Huey Lewis hand-me-downs. And that's the Chicago way.

Surely no leftwinger could ever trust someone who once wore a mullet.

Thanks to Rev. E. Buzz Miller and CJ.

SHAME SHAME SHAME!!! The extra caps are for extra outrage.

Persistent Ain't They? Another google hit, now for "Sarah Palin bikini."

Internet detectives or just horndogs?

And More and More: Sarah Palin swimsuit; Sarah Palin wore a bikini.

I have to point out these are all different searches, conducted at different times. The same idiot can't keep clicking on my site thinking suddenly I'm going to have the bikini pics I didn't have the other three times.

So, I guess I'm going to keep getting hits for Sarah Palin swimsuit competition searches, with people searching for hot pictures of Sarah Palin in a bikini, or even totally hot gubernatorial action.

It's ridiculous. It's not like Governor Sarah Palin once posed for Victoria's Secret wearing nothing but high heels and a clown nose or something.

I'm just saying, whatever you do, if you want to avoid unwanted Google interlopers, don't post anything about Sarah Palin and her secret bikini pictures, Sarah Palin and the "Air Force Two," or homoerotic pillowfights between Governor Sarah Palin and Smurfette.

More reports of manufactured smear-mongering over at Jawa:
As we speak, there are rumors buzzing the blogosphere that Sarah Palin is not the wholesome "hockey mother" of five we've all been presented with.

This was inevitable. When a relatively unknown politician takes national stage for the first time, there's always the risk that previously unknown facts will emerge at inconvenient times. Thus, a candidate's political opponents will scour the tubes of the internets looking for such things. It just happens.

Thus, it should not be surprising to see allegations that Sarah Palin (aka "Miss Wasilla 1984" and runner-up for "Miss Alaska") is not, in fact, the real mother of her fifth child (the one with Down's Syndrome--some claim the child is actually her teenage daughter's child), that she experimented with drugs (e.g., marijuana), that she is a bad mother engaging in what amounts to child abuse, that she has been known to gallavant onstage in front of hundreds of men (and on camera) half-naked, wearing a two-piece bikini swimsuit (or "bathing suit" as some call it), that there is a bootleg video out there somewhere showing her with an entire hockey team, that she once had some scandalous pictures taken with a Wasilla moose, etc., etc. The list goes on.

Thus, it wouldn't be at all surprising to see a DailyKos post sometime soon along the lines of the following:

Depending on who you believe, Sarah Palin may have been fully naked (aka nude) at certain points, wore scandalous lingerie at other points, and even engaged in wild sex acts in private that would be positively scandalous in public. Although the full details are still unavailable, it's come to light that Sarah Palin repeatedly exploited a blue-collar Eskimo worker for her own private amusement in the bedroom, and that she had sex with him on at least four separate occasions. It's also well-known in Alaska that Sarah Palin got pregnant (i.e., was impregnated) by a young snowmobile racer (see photo at right). (The snowmobiler openly admits he is the father of Palin's child. Palin claims she was impregnated by her husband Todd.)

The allegations don't stop there. There are credible allegations of moose-tipping, topless dancing, multiple pornographic (aka "porn" or "sex") videos, racketeering, cronyism, mooning, cohabitation, miscegenation, conspiracy, onanism, Mormonism, Catholicism, murder, usury, short-sheeting, infidelity, cover-ups, animal sex (including bestiality), abortion, prostitution, polyamory, embezzlement, bribery, barratry, buggery, peeing in the snow, smuggling, an orgy or two, satan worship, Santaria (aka "voodoo"), flatulence, corruption, nepotism, nihilism, dildo usage, oral sex, nudity, cleveland steamers, dirty sanchezes and various icky gay / lesbian activity (i.e., sodomy) taking place in Alaska, the very state Sarah Palin promised to clean up. Some claim that Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie have all visited Palin's state on occasion--and engaged in who knows what sort of illicit behavior.

Whatever happened, you can bet the crack team of amateur sleuths at Daily Kos will find it.
As disgusting as this call-to-arms for a partisan sleaze-hunt may be, the other side of the coin is that any ugly scurrilous reporting that attempts to attack Palin in this manner in the media--especially if it is heresay--might backfire big-time on the nutroots, to the point of almost guaranteeing a landslide for John McCain and Sarah Palin (yes, I used the "l" word...).

Think about it--this is playing with fire: the neo-feminists represented by disaffected Hillary supporters don't much like seeing other women with a shot at the golden ring being dragged through the mud--especially as a zero sum game designed to benefit another man's ambitions--by destroying the woman's reputation and good name. For example, I don't know many feminists who were happy at all with the way that Kobe and his defense team (and the legions of LA gangsta types who applied pressure) treated that girl out in Colorado--no matter what really did or did not happen in that room. The ends do not always justify the means, especially when it comes to feminists who feel that their gal has already been dissed once by the Obama smear machine.

With a bright new face like Sarah Palin, now in position to be the Vice President--unprecedented for any woman in American history--any sleazy attempt by amateur thuggish nutroots to smear her may backfire on them exponentially with the pantsuit brigade.

Still the fact that they are even trying to do this is telling in itself: welcome to the "new politics and discourse" of Barack Obama and his followers.
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