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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Protests Begin--and the Convention hasn't even started yet

Ed Morrissey shows that the "Recreate 68" crowd don't have any intention of anything short of hate-mongering and anarchy. Free Speech? Right. The Left has never really been about "free speech"--only their speech. If you aren't speaking for their cause, the MO of the Marxists has always been to silence opposing viewpoints--by any means necessary, not to debate with them. Witness the video of what happens when a Fox News Reporters tries to ask the protesters a few questions:

Here are more video links of the protest from Michelle.

Yeah--let's elect these guys to lead our country...

If you do not think that the very same focus (silencing the opposition) is what is driving Pelosi and Reid in their efforts to censor Talk Radio and the blogs, you are living in a dream world--because that is exactly what they are trying to do. (You will notice also that the same Democrats are not trying to demand "fairness" for CNN and MSNBC...)

As for the anarchists, here is what they are hoping to "Recreate":

Meanwhile Glenn Reynolds wonders aloud which war they are protesting (obviously it isn't the Russian invasion of Georgia):

THE FUN BEGINS: Anti-war protests in Denver, featuring Cindy Sheehan. Though at this late date, what war are they protesting, exactly? Iraq's in the wrap-up phase (even Obama says the Surge worked and, well, "mission accomplished"), even the lefties haven't been raising much complaint about Afghanistan, and nobody's talking about invading Iran or anything. If you want a real invasion over oil to protest, you could march against the Russian invasion of Georgia, but that's not happening. What's next -- protests against Teddy Roosevelt in Cuba?
A: if it will get them airtime, I'm sure they would consider it. Anything that paints America as "evil" is fair game for this bunch.
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