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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Monday, August 11, 2008

Report: Georgia may fall by Tomorrow

It appears to be all but over in Georgia. Once again, President Bush's tough words were completely impotent to Putin, who has calculated that Bush would not risk inserting American-backed military power to help his allies. And Putin appears to have calculated correctly. And if Bush won't step in, you know there is no way the weak-kneed Western Europeans will lift a finger. The United Nations?? The biggest joke of all. Welcome to the real world: where only the United States stands between ______ (fill in the blank) and tyranny. And Bush now appears content to let the impotent and historically ignorant State Department call the shots.

Here is the sobering news from Transatlantic Politics:

The Russian troops are marching towards Tbilisi. Georgia could fall by tomorrow morning. According to Stratfor,

"Russian forces do not excel at night fighting, so if there is to be another push it will occur at dawn Aug. 12 with air and then armored strikes on Mtskheta. Should that happen there will be literally nothing to stop the Russians from attacking Tbilisi directly".

President Saakashvili said in a televised address that the situation is "extremely grave" and that the Georgian troops are being regrouped around the capital.

"This is occupation attempt, attempt to totally occupy Georgia, attempt to destroy Georgia. Russia’s goal is to put an end to existence of the Georgian state. We are receiving only moral and humanitarian help from the international community, but we need more than that. We want them to stop these barbaric aggressors.”

He also called on the population to gather outside the Parliament at 3pm on August 12 “to show the enemy that we are united and strong.”

Here are some frequently updated blogs and websites on the Georgian events:

Also, an online petition to stop Russia’s aggression.


President Bush just called on Russia to reverse the course and accept Georgia’s immediate cease-fire. Moscow is jeopardizing its relationship with the US and the European countries, says Bush. As if Putin cared… One comment to this post pointed out in a "sad smile" the uselesness of an online petition in trying to stop Putin. Seems like Bush’s statements are not much more than an online petition.

Exactly. I'm sure Putin is losing sleep over that one after the way we appeased the North Koreans. Sadly, it appears that this ball game is over; next stop Ukraine? And will we allow it to fall as well? The Europeans who stood so steadfastly against NATO status for Georgia have now reaped what they

And what about those nukes in Iran? If Bush won't stop the Iranians, who will? Sanctions are certainly not going to do it--all these "negotiations" the Euros are so hot and bothered about will accomplish will be to buy Iran more time to get the nukes it wants--and wants to use.

I hate to put it in so blatant terms, but with this Russian agression, there may not be a better moment for the US to blockade Iran and destroy its refineries and Nukes.

Don't hold your breath.
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