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-- Edmund Burke
Thursday, August 07, 2008

"Saving the Planet" ... from Freezing Over?

So much for Nancy Pelosi's "Saving the Planet" -- she'd better find some heavy clothing (via AJ Strata):

TigerHawk posted today on a matter I wanted to address - the reversal of Global Warming. The big speculation from the Chicken Littles at the Church of Al Gore/IPCC have been crying that the North Pole would lose its ice cover this year. In fact, just the opposite is happening as TigerHawk notes:

Notwithstanding confident warnings of a record summer melt in the Arctic, there are still around a half million more square kilometers of sea ice in the northern hemisphere than there was one year ago today. The melt reaches its high water mark, as it were, in mid-August, so we will know well before Labor Day whether we set another record.

I wanted to add more data to the picture by showing the dramatic differences between the Northern Hemisphere Ice Extent between this year and last (click picture to see larger image):

As even a scientific layman can see the amount of Northern Ice remaining is significantly larger than last year. If you click through the diagram to the main source you can evaluate for yourself the Northern Hemisphere Ice Extent for any year. Clearly, we are not in one of those catastrophic warming scenarios. And if the predictions of another decade or more of cooling are accurate (and they are more accurate than anything the Church of Al Gore/IPCC has ever produced) then we will find out for sure who was being hysterical and spinning the data.

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