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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Elitists Strike Again

Obama is the gift that keeps on giving. First a review of his greatest hits:

And now for today's "contribution", courtesy of Dan Riehl:
I generally enjoy the work of The Politico's Ben Smith and Jonathan Martin, unfortunately their guffawing over Lynn Forester de Rothschild's bashing of Obama for his elitism demonstrates that they don't at all understand the term in a political context. Their take suggests something of a Leftist bias in that they seem to define the word in terms of wealth, or where one chooses to live. It has nothing to do with those factors at all.

elitism: 1: leadership or rule by an elite 2: the selectivity of the elite ; especially : snobbery 3: consciousness of being or belonging to an elite

Sam Walton wasn't an elitist although he was incredibly wealthy. Ernest Hemingway wasn't an elitist because he lived some portion of his life as an ex-pat. Socialists define elitism in terms of wealth and genuine xenophobes define it in terms of geography. Conservatives and perhaps in de Rothschild's case moderates don't define elitism in those terms at all.

Evidently de Rothchild appreciates her good fortune in life and never allowed it to fool her into thinking she was or is actually better than anyone else. Imagine that. Call it elitism if you wish, some of us simply call it class. But is that true of Obama?

Witness what Obama said just last night, it absolutely reveals his elitist view.

Standing in the courtyard of the palatial estate, he said his campaign was dedicated to people who need jobs and health care and worry about their pensions and sending children to college.

"It's about those who will never see the inside of a building like this," Obama said.

Really? Why is that, Senator Obama? I thought your entire journey, such as you created it in two non-factual autobiographies was supposed to be the story and road map of precisely how one of the poor have nots might lift themselves up and join you - now up there basking in the apparently too thin air?

Did you pull the trap door closed behind you after you scampered up? Or have you been deluding yourself your entire life that you were somehow entitled to and qualified for something above and beyond what some average American might be entitled to enjoy? That's elitism in its purest form and clearly de Rothchild has figured it out.

See populist for another take then apply it to the Palin phenomenon and maybe you'll understand the point. If individuals in the media actually understood this they might stop laughing at or attempting to smear the Alaska Governor long enough to understand what a genuine force she is and the greater one she might eventually become. That, so long as she doesn't forget where she came from, as Jr. Ill. Senator Obama seems to have done.


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