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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama Thuggery UNHINGED!

Glenn Reynolds is ALL OVER the Obama "Brownshirts" and "Truth Squads" we discussed earlier, including updates on the campaign's blatant, overt and thuggish attempts to use its surrogates to shut down any and all criticism and dissent (even truthful reporting of facts) prior to the election.

This is straight out of the GRU/KGB/STASI manual!

MORE THUGGISHNESS: Obama threatening the licenses of TV stations that run NRA ads.

Haven't we had about enough of this? Related item here. They told me that if George W. Bush were re-elected there would be brazen efforts to suppress free speech on political grounds -- and they were right!

UPDATE: Still more on the ad-silencing effort here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: "I fear that under the Obama administration, the lawyers sending these letters will be government employees."

Plus, from Jacob Sullum at Reason, Why Obama is Vulnerable On the Second Amendment.

MORE: Prosecutors and sheriffs threatening to prosecute Obama critics?

Check out this TV news report from St. Louis, too, which makes clear that the Obama campaign is behind this.

Thugs on parade. Will the U.S. Department of Justice investigate? Or are they compromised?

STILL MORE: This is the ad that's got the Obama campaign so upset. You can make up your own mind, but it doesn't seem especially unusual for a political ad, though it's certainly likely to hurt Obama in the bitter-clinger demographic. Of course, more people will see it now because of this controversly. And here, at Politico, is the NRA response. (Bumped).

MORE STILL: Reader Carolyn Gockel writes: "Why Obama is Vulnerable On the First Amendment: The whole NRA flap is going beyond gun rights advocates...I'm not as pro-gun as you and I am furious." Yeah, and the bit with state law enforcement officials threatening critics is even worse. I wonder if the ACLU will weigh in on this one? Seems like a good opportunity for them to show their nonpartisan nature.

Just think what a President Obama would do after he was in power.

This is Frightening, people.
Being a student of World War II and the events in Europe leading up to it, the parallels with Il Duce, Benito Mussolini are eerie scary.

Obama's handlers (because, after all Barry often has problems deciding for himself what to do...) are taking a page right out of the Blackshirts/Brownshirts playbook. Perhaps the beautiful--if historically jingoistic--film Pan's Labyrinth is more appropriately digested if seen in a light of of a warning about what can happen today, not some revisionist history about Franco (Orwell is pretty open about his view of the Communists after his prior affiliation with the Marxists in that war...). Other recommendations: The Lives of Others and The Inner Circle...

Welcome to the 1930's. Better stock up on arms and ammo while you still have the chance... unless we DEFEAT these Nazis, they may be coming for you soon.

RELATED: Key Obama fundraiser meets with Ahmadinejad. Now there's a role model for Democratic leadership...

Meanwhile √úbermensch Val Prieto--the immigrant from Castro's Cuba who does know the difference advises:
Be afraid, folks. Be very afraid.
That seems like good advice to me. Time to go stock up on guns and ammo...
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