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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pelosi's "Drilling" Farce; is McCain (or Bush) really dumb enough to get sucked in?

We may be arriving at a crossroads of this race: if John McCain and President Bush are stupid enough to back the complete farce of an energy bill that Nancy Pelosi is peddling--it could kill all the good that Palin has done for him to date:
Want to see some of McCain's Newfound Support Melt Away?

Just have him support the gang of 20's energy compromise. Why? Because it is a sham when it comes to that is directly opposed to his stated belief (drilling in all of the OCS) and it is loaded with what he says he opposes (wasteful spending):
The bill would open up a tiny little smidgen of space on the Outer Continental Shelf for oil and gas exploration — just enough that Democrats who vote for it can claim to be pro-drilling, neutralizing one of the Republicans’ most energizing issues going into the November elections. But the benefits of the bill’s meager drilling provisions would be negated (and then some) by $30 billion in tax hikes on U.S. oil companies, placing our own domestic producers at an additional disadvantage compared to their overseas competitors. In exchange for very little new supply, these companies would pay higher taxes related to the crucial activities of exploration and refinery-capacity expansion. To nobody’s great surprise, the industry is not eager to accept this trade.

The money raised by taxing U.S. oil companies would go to pay for $84 billion in new spending on dodgy renewable energy projects — mostly tax credits for hybrid cars and research grants for biofuel production. If you want to know how much of an impact this multi-billion-dollar giveaway for special interests is likely to have on gasoline prices, consider this: Since 2005, Congress has passed two energy bills chock full of subsidies for renewable energy, and gas prices have increased nearly $1.50 per gallon.
This is not what anyone but this crew means when they say "drill here, drill now". If John McCain supports it he will be rightfully called a flip-flopper. He'll have flipped on supporting opening the entire OCS for exploration and flopped in his pledge to oppose bills with wasteful spending.

Rumor has it he's thinking about supporting it.

If that's the case, 10 Sarah Palin's won't be able to save him from his own actions.
It it mind-boggling to believe that McCain or Bush would fall for this; but then again I didn't expect the Feds to bail out AIG either...

Haystack has some good advice for the House Republicans too; they should follow it (emphasis mine):

I offered the House GOP a challenge a month ago today. Of course, being a nobody, no one in the House GOP actually got back to me...but hey-I'm not sensitive. Now that Congress is back in session, however, this deserves another shout out. Consider Congressman Pence today at Redstate and his urging that we all contact the Democrats and tell them to vote "NO" on Speaker Pelosi’s energy bill.

See, here's the thing GOP Congress critters...

I don't want you THERE at all.

More below the "we're begging you guys" fold... .

Stage a walk out, a work-stoppage, a strike if you the name of the American taxpayers that pay your salaries. If you force Congress to shut down due to a failure to reach a quorum, the ban will be lifted with NO help from the Democrats. I WANT to pay you to not go to work until Oct. 2, 2008. Do you have it in you?

No one has to sign their name to any bills that might endanger their re-election chances. No one will be held accountable, and no one will be blamed...except the Speaker, Nancy Pelosi...and no one will hold it against you. It worked in Texas over the re-districting fiasco... Heck, you'll even help McCain by not forcing him to side with the gang of [fill in the blank pandering parade] disaster.

As I said a month ago, do it, and do it now.

Congressional inaction has gone on for two years now. While you have been on the clock you have accomplished nothing meaningful that addresses the needs of "we, the People." Here is your chance to actually DO something meaningful by actually doing nothing at all. You failed us on spending. You failed us on Iraq, and on entitlements and a whole host of other issues we told you were critical when we elected you. Here's your chance to actually DO something we need, critically, by not showing up for work. There's little difference either way, at this point, and you'll actually be doing our bidding for once...and doing yourselves a huge favor. For the first time in your lives let your inaction actually WORK for the American people - go on strike.

Do not return to session until the ban expires.

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