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-- Edmund Burke
Friday, September 05, 2008

THANK YOU MSM: Palin more popular than Obama!

Good news today from Ed Morrissey and Rasmussen:

Rasmussen’s latest tracking poll has some good news for the McCain campaign. In the first tracking poll with post-Palin speech data, John McCain has begun his convention bounce, coming within two points of Barack Obama after being down as many as six this week. And in an ironic twist, Sarah Palin has better favorability numbers than either of them.

According to the internals, Palin now has solid favorable majorities from men (65%) and women (52%). Palin also has majority positive favorability ratings in all age demographics and in all income brackets. She also has majorities among conservatives and moderates, while trailing with liberals and black voters.

One embarrassing result for Obama comes from a comparison of their experience as a preparation for the Presidency. Obama only beats her by four points overall, only by nine points among women, and trails by three among men. She runs within the margin of error in all college-educated demographics, only trailing significantly among high-school graduates and drop-outs. And of course, she’s not running for President; Obama is. It looks like the attack on Governor Palin’s experience backfired on Obama, and as long as he keeps running against the GOP’s #2, he’ll continue to lose.

The final question is very interesting. Overwhelmingly, people believe that Sarah Palin has boosted McCain’s chances to win in November with her acceptance speech on Wednesday. Obviously, this could only get asked of the people in the final day of the rolling poll, and this should give an indication how far the bounce will get. By 58%-10%, respondents felt she helped, a wide margin that appears in every single demographic of the poll.

Keep it up guys! You are making our jobs very easy...

Meanwhile Todd Palin has his first comments since all this started (via Jim Hoft):

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