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Monday, October 06, 2008

UPDATED About that Ayers Whitewash: Nice Try...

Via Ace:

NYT: Obama Barely Even Met Ayers and Didn't Even Know He Was a Terrorist
Stanley Kurtz: Everything That Guy Just Said Is Bullshit

Must read.

Just came out: Obama distributed millions of dollars controlled by Ayers to radical "education partners" such as ACORN which were not concerned with actual learning, but with spreading leftist ideology.

Um.... has anyone you "barely even met" ever hired you for a directorship job and put millions of dollars into your hands to distribute?

Sure.. happens every day. Just like these, courtesy of Peter Kirsanow at The Corner:
As Mark Levin notes below, Obama presents himself as mainstream. I suspect that almost every Cornerite could make each of the following statements:
  • My career was not launched with the assistance of an unrepentant terrorist.
  • My pastor has never said "God damn America."
  • I don't think our troops are "just air-raiding villages and killing civilians."
  • My spouse doesn't think America is a "downright mean country."
  • I've never sat on a board with an unrepentant terrorist.
  • I've never directed millions of dollars to radical organizations.
  • I've never opposed requiring medical care for babies who are born alive.
  • I bought my home without assistance from a convicted felon.
  • I've never taken my kids to a church whose pastor thinks AIDS was created by the government.
If Obama's mainstream, most Americans are extremists.
Here is the Mark Levin take Kirsanow was referring to. Brilliant, as usual:
As someone who has written critically of John McCain on a host of issues, including the Keating Five, none of it compares to the life that Barack Obama has led and his belief system. Obama is not merely associated with domestic terrorists, Palestinian radicals, Marxists, and black liberation ideologues — he was their favorite candidate. They groomed him. They befriended him. He befriended them. He socialized with them. In other words, these people saw Obama as representing their views and aspirations and he saw them the same way. I am not among those who raise Obama's associations but add "of course, it doesn't mean Obama shares their views." Oh really? These miscreants include Obama's former pastor, political mentors and allies, and friends. Obama attempts to downplay and distance himself from his own circle of allies now that he is running for president. But he is one of them. Obama is getting a pass that no other candidate in my memory has ever received.

If John McCain had belonged to a church for 20 years and that church advocated white supremacy and the pastor of the church spewed racist propaganda wrapped in Biblical verses — much of which was caught on video-tape — what would we say? If McCain's good friends included people involved in blowing up abortion clinics instead of the Capitol Building, the Pentagon, and police stations, what would we say? If McCain was socially close to a professor with ties to neo-Nazi groups in Berlin, as opposed to a professor who had ties to the PLO, what would we say? If McCain spent his formative years schooled in fascism as opposed to Marxism, what would we say?

Every time Obama's life experiences and character are raised, the response is a diversionary tactic. Today, we're supposed to be impressed with the moral equivalency argument (Ayers = Keating Five), or Obama's associations and friendships aren't what they appear to be, or Obama really isn't like all those people he drew around him, or those raising these issues are guilty of McCarthyism. There are 30 days left in this election. It's high time the Obama fan-dance ended.
The McCain has to get over its hysterical case of "white guilt" and expose this man for who he is.

There is nothing whatsoever threatening about a black man being President. It would be a wonderful thing, assuming it was the right black man; this guy ain't it. Obama would likely set race relations back decades by the time he's done ruining our country.

Sorry Barack: you are no Jackie Robinson.

UPDATE: Jennifer Rubin on Electing a Con Man's Con Man:

But more than hypocrisy is at work here. It is not just far Left, American-hating radicals he now disowns. You get the sense that he believes everyone can be played. Rashid Khalidi can believe that Obama finds no one suffers more than the Palestinians. Jews can buy that he was moved by the Holocaust from a summer camp experience. Voters in his Congressional race in 1990 can be told that there is no difference ideologically between him and 100% ADA-rated Bobby Rush, but the rest of the state in 2004 (and eventually the country) can buy that he’s a post-partisan reformer. Terrorists come to believe he shares their scorn for America, but Iowa voters hear him talk about his appreciation that only in America could his story have happened. Primary voters in Ohio are coddled with protectionist promises - and then privately scorned while he is talking to San Fransciso liberal donors.

There is no end to it — everyone gets the version of Obama that perfectly fits his own world view. It is not hypocrisy. It’s fraud. Whatever he told or shared with Ayers, Dohrn, Wright, or Pfleger counts for no more that what he told or shared with other now inconvenient groups and individuals. He’s sold the same piece of political real estate to multiple buyers for multiple, conflicting uses.

But one thing has been consistent. He has never, ever attacked political corruption, whether in Chicago or Washington. To the contrary, at the Woods Fund, the Annenberg Challenge and the U.S. Senate he’s laddled out earmarks and goodies to a long list of friends and associates — Wright, Pfleger, Will County ( home of FBI target Larry Walsh), Allison S. Davis, ACORN, etc. The one consistency has been his fidelity to political supporters. Everyone else and every political position were disposable.

Now is precisely the time for firm convictions, strict ethical propriety and the firmness to turn away those who put private interests above the public good. We may be on the verge of electing a candidate who lacks any of these traits.

Read the whole thing.

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