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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Monday, October 13, 2008

How Bad it REALLY Is...

The voter fraud taking place in this election cycle is not only unprecedented; it is enormous in scope... and more akin to something that would happen in Venezuela than to what we were taught as children that elections in the United States were about. Glenn Reynolds has more:

MORE REPORTS OF MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD BY ACORN. "They turn in 5000 new voter registration forms in Indiana, election officials start checking them and give up after the first 2100 were found to be fraudulent." Where's the Department of Justice on this? CNN report below.

UPDATE: Reader Bill Hesson writes: "I watched the clip you linked. Couldn't tell from the report. Does ACORN work more closely with one party/candidate than another? Heh." Heh, indeed.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Robert Mayer emails: "That post regarding ACORN was absolutely astounding to me. I know that there have been problems with voter fraud in America. It has existed since the ballot box. But what ACORN is doing, with 1.3 million voter registrations turned in nationwide, is akin to what I have seen in places like Belarus. All 1.3 million of those registrations should be considered suspect. If the voting process is allowed to become so derelict, then we don't deserve to be any better off than a third world despotism. And eventually, we won't be." Some people would like it that way.

This is something you might expect to happen in a Third World dictatorship rather than in what is supposedly the most advanced democracy on Earth. But that was until Soros and the Marxists showed up.
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