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Thursday, October 23, 2008

HUGE--Obama Campaign Nabbed Committing Web-Based Voter Fraud

Whoa! Obama is redistributing wealth already--to himself. No wonder he's raised so much money despite the polls have being so tight. THIS IS CRIMINAL, PROSECUTABLE.

The Media's reaction? (crickets....)

(Hopefully Ace will forgive me for reproducing here his entire "burning skull" post, but this is big and it needs to go viral--it will have to go viral on the web if there is even a tiny bit of hope for the in-the-tank media to report it to the perpetually clueless...):

Obama Campaign Finance Fraud Gains Traction

This story is getting some notice.

Mark Steyn cautions, though: Stop donating just to test it out. It's clear it's deliberately set up to facilitate campaign donation fraud, from both people going over the limit and of course Saudis, Pakistanis, and Gazans donating illegally.

"Testing it" at this point just puts more money in this cocksucker's pocket.

Hot Air too.

Draw up the impeachment papers. If Obama wins, we should be ready.

This is the deliberate evasion of campaign finance rules. It's shocking the media never checked before -- and apparently isn't even checking now.

Note: This is quite deliberate. The Address Verification System has to be specifically disabled to allow this fraud:

Having worked for companies that process credit cards online, it is necessary to go through and manually disable the safeguards that they put in place to verify a person's address and zip code with the cardholder's bank. But international banks don't currently have the same safeguards that banks in the US have, which also works in the One's favor.

So most likely they've disabled the necessary safeguards for US cards which their merchant bank would be angry about if they found out since it exposes them to risk, as well as international cards which is an even greater risk because there's no way to verify the information electronically for most countries, so they could just say they're in the US with phony info and the card will still process online. The One could then just claim that they said they were from America.

Senator Clinton's website worked with a reputable company that had the same safeguards in place for her online donations, seems like someone just doesn't like to play by the rules that credit card companies have put in place.

What if, for some kooky reason, their off the rack software didn't have this most basic check available?

They could easily do that through the coding on their website, and an organization like a campaign would have the resources to do it. If I had to guess, it would probably cost 200-400 dollars to get a programmer to add that functionality to a payment gateway if their system didn't have that in place already. But then you can't have someone donating millions of dollars in 100 dollar increments under different names, and we can't have that now can we?

Huusker explains the system that Obama disabled. Intentionally.

It's called the Address Verification System (AVS). When you submit a credit card to the processor for authorization you get back one of four responses: zipcode match, address match, both match, or neither match.

AVS is automatic and can't be turned off. You can, however, override it in special circumstances. It looks like Obama's web site has the AVS-override turned on permanently.

Is there any legitimate reason to do this? No.

Visa/MC banks hate it when merchants blow off AVS, as it increases the risk of chargebacks (which are a hassle/expense for the bank to handle). Consequently they demand a much higher discount rate to take cards with AVS-overrides.

If a merchant's chargeback rate goes above 1% the banks will wallop the merchant with research fees. Merchants with high chargeback rates (like porn sites) can end up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra monthly fees in order to be able to continue to accept cards, on top of huge discounts on each transaction.

But Obama isn't getting many complaints -- because those donating illegally are of course winking coconspirators in the scam. They're certainly not demanding the banks reimburse them -- so no one is the wiser.

Oldowan tests:

I was just sitting here reading ace after dinner when I came across this article. I kinda got ticked-off and related the contents to Mrs.Oldowan (Dem, MA). Politics are a touchy issue here on the border, but this was just the end after a day hearing about our dear governor's gift of $35K of tax money to ACORN and the justice dept leaning on our sec'y of state for not sending ballots to our soldiers abroad since 2002. [Good luck finding THOSE stories in the Boston Globe tomorrow...]. Anyway, I'd had enough and read the article to my better half.

She, rather wisely, replied : "According to whom? How do you know that's actually true?"

"Excellent question." I said, "Let's find out."

$50 bucks later (to obama [and I only meant to risk $25 {I figure, the rhetorical worth of the fact is worth the fraction of the $$$ this guy is going to cost me in the long run}], and $0 TO McCain, who refused to process this bogus contribution), Mr. Henry Reardon of 7 Wyatt Drive, Galts Gulch, CO, 88888 has learned who he can and cannot contribute to, as long as he insists on using oldowan's credit card to pay for it.

I got screen shots of the whole set of transactions. Full descriptions with pics go to every news organ tomorrow. Mrs. Oldowan (IND, MA [soon?]) and I will be wathching for a response.

I cannot BELIEVE that nobody cares about this bull-bleep. The Mencken quote at the top of the banner is making my blood pump. It's time to do something.

I hope it's not too late....

Another test:

Frankly, its easier than I'd believe to do this. Courtesy of my (real) CC number and expiration date, the Obama campaign has just received a $19.45 donation from mister Adolf Hitler, whose occupation is "Dictator" at the company "National Socialist Party of Ger" (I got cut off). I captured screenshots to prove this.

No verification required. The listed address wasn't even close to my real address.

While I hate to think I'm giving any money at all to these bastards, its worth it to prove once and for all that they are engaged in fraud. I will verify whether my card gets charged and report back.


I say again: Try entering false addresses when ordering a $10 DVD from Amazon. You will get rejected.

And yet Barack Obama has overridden this basic security feature in order to allow the world to donate to him, and to rack up millions and millions in illegal over-the-limit donations.



The Fucking.



The hell with the media -- Where is the fucking Attorney General?

More: Who is John Galt? Screenshots of the crime in progress.

Plus, the RNC files a fresh FEC complaint.

Did Obama turn the security measures back on? Some say yes, but Flip Pidot says no.

Violation of Law: Until recently, The Criminal One didn't bother asking for proof of US citizenship (or even a swearing of US citizenship) from overseas donors.

Hillary and McCain did, of course. Because they were interested in following the law.

Obama wasn't. He didn't even bother alerting foreign nationals that it was illegal for them to contribute.


TIP: From an anonymous source with very good access to what's going on --

The media refuses to do anything with this, because, despite all the reports of "Good Will" and "asdf" and other clearly fake names such previously donating tens of thousands of dollars to the campaign, they refuse to acknowledge that any of these donations are fraudulent in the first place.

So getting to the second point -- that Obama's site has been deliberately crippled to switch off the most basic address verification check -- is impossible.

They insist this is all on the level and each and every one of Obama's donors is real.

Including Good Will (occupation: Loving You), asdf, Mickey Mouse, and now John Galt, Hank Rearden, Nodda Realperson, and Adolf Hitler.

Despite the fact that this has all already been exposed -- by no lesser Obama Campaign Organ than the New York Times.

Thanks to Dan Riehl for that.

Overseas Donations Go Through Without a Glitch, But For the Love of Mary Stop Giving This Criminal Money:

At Hot Air:

I have a credit card issued by a bank in Hong Kong.

I’ve just made 5 donations of $5 each using the card. I listed fake addresses in North Korea, Iran, Gaza, Venezuela and Kenya. The names and addresses were made up, each was different, I listed real Yahoo email addresses that forward to me.

Fake Name
Not A. Realperson
Finance Violation
Fraudulent Charge
Over Donation Limit

All 5 went through without a problem. I’m already being solicited for more money.

Thanks to TopSecretK9.

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