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-- Edmund Burke
Monday, October 20, 2008

Interesting Video on the subject "Is Obama Eligible to become President?"

We've discussed this rumor at least once already, and I would guess that the chances that a Federal Judge in Philly would dismiss this case are pretty high (although the lawyer promises appeals)-- BUT... it is a quite interesting case nevertheless. It may not matter (what does matter when it comes to our Constitution these days?), but count me in among the "believers".

Nutty? Read on.

The most interesting aspect to me is this: presumably Obama could easily prove this speculation to be false, simply by providing a legitimate birth certificate and also official records from his days in Indonesia, or the documents when he returned to the US. The reason I believe the sensational charges ARE true is simple: why wouldn't Obama simply produce the documents which he claims would exhonerate him from these allegations--that is unless he had something to hide? Obama has not produced birth certificates, medical records, OR his college records. Again, why not?

Obama's decision to litigate this case instead of merely providing a legitimate birth certificate, etc. is evidence enough for me. Why would he and/or the Dems go to that expense? And the fact that DNC dollars are being spent on this case is even more fishy: why drain DNC funds to defend this in an Election Year, when all Obama has to do to make this go away for good is to provide documents proving he is an American citizen? Unless...he isn't.

Like I said, I don't consider the chances of this legal action being successful to be very high (although if it happens before the election, it could pave the way for Hillary--she certainly would mollify all those Dems and Independents who still rightly do not trust Obama or have doubts about him...). If the first judge throws it out and the Circuit Court refuses Cert, then it would be extraordinary for the USSC to take this up, especially after what happened in Florida in 2000.

Still, I do think there is something to these charges, simply because Obama could easily end all this nuttiness (and EXPENSES...) just by coughing up all the documents that support his case. McCain has provided all of the above, despite his being born in a US territory (Panama)--a fact that the Democrats tried earlier in the year to litigate. Obama really does not need all this distraction when he can easily produce the documents; that is, unless he can't...or unless there is something in them he very much wants to keep hidden. That is what I believe to be the case.

Watch the video and see what you think (h/t to my Uncle Alan):

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