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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

UPDATED Obama not only gave 800K to ACORN; He sponsored legislation that would immunize them from Lawsuits!

Gateway Pundit strikes again! Via the always "on" Jim Hoft, more evidence that Obama and the lawbreakers at ACORN are part and parcel of the same corrupt ideology:
Obama Co-Sponsored Legislation to Shield ACORN From Lawsuits
Marinka Peschmann at the Canada Free Press continues to do the work the US media refuses to do.

In her latest column Marinka discovered that Barack Obama co-sponsored legislation to protect ACORN from criminal prosecution for harassing banks to approve loans for individuals who could not afford them. These practices helped push our country into its current economic crisis. But, thanks to Barack Obama, ACORN will not have to worry about facing any consequences for its dubious practices.
The Canada Free Press reported:

Not only did Barack Obama's presidential campaign pay more than U.S. $800,000 to a front of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform, Now, ACORN, currently under investigation in a dozen States for voter registration fraud and bribery schemes, for “get-out-the-vote-efforts”; Obama co-sponsored legislation called the “Helping Families Save their Homes in Bankruptcy Act of 2007”-- that was supported by ACORN and protects them.

Why would groups like ACORN, who according to Stanley Kurtz’s “O Dangerous Pals” undermined “the US economy by pushing the banking system into a sinkhole of bad loans…. by forcing banks to make hundreds of millions of dollars in “subprime” loans to often un-creditworthy poor and minority customers…” support this legislation?

Perhaps because it provides Chapter 13 Bankruptcy protections to homeowners who didn’t have the means to buy homes, and it protects people who put those borrowers into these high-risk mortgages.

...Another key reason why groups like ACORN support this legislation because it: “Prohibits the court from allowing a claim that is subject to any remedy for damages or rescission due to failure to comply with the Truth in Lending Act or any other state or federal consumer protection law.”

The Truth in Lending Act (TILA) was designed to create “economic stabilization and competition by informed use of credit by consumers (emphasis added).” Under TILA the law also applies “to persons who are not creditors but who provide applications for home equity plans to consumers.” This bill absolves organizations of any guilt or culpability under TILA; perhaps the same organizations who intimidated and bullied banks into providing risky loans to unqualified borrowers like ACORN.

If this legislation does not pass, then these “persons who are not creditors,” could face “criminal penalties” for “willful and knowing violations of TILA,” which could result in a “fine of $5,000, imprisonment for up to one year, or both.”
UPDATE: Hoft also has a primer on ACORN voter fraud up at Pajamas Media: The Complete Guide to ACORN Voter Fraud. Read the whole thing and be sure to follow the links.

And while you are looking into ACORN, don't forget to check Michelle's site regularly; meanwhile Fausta has been all over this story too...
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