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-- Edmund Burke
Sunday, October 19, 2008

UPDATED Palin's SNL Moment

Was it an ambush? Ace seems to think so (videos here).

But Kathryn Jean Lopez thinks she came out just fine:
Most readers I'm hearing from looked beyond some of the rot around her there and focused on Palin. Here's one: "I watched Governor Palin on SNL last night. Though I was uncomfortable with all the slams against her as she stood and sat there during the skits, I came away with even more admiration for her. She can stand with those that are vehemently opposed to her, yet show grace, humor and strength. That is exactly the kind of strength, poise and conviction of values that we desperately need in the highest office of our land."

By the way, am I wrong to think Josh Brolin was the worst commercial for his movie — unless you have Bush Derangement Syndrome? I realize I am not the target audience for the movie but you'd think they'd take my ten dollars anyway.
UPDATE: John Hinderaker opines:

Sarah Palin's appearance on Saturday Night LIve last night gave the show its highest ratings in fourteen years. It's more evidence of the extraordinary level of interest in Alaska's governor. On the campaign trail, she has repeatedly drawn crowds numbering in the tens of thousands, while her mere existence seems to be an affront to liberals everywhere.

What is it about Palin that draws such attention? She's new and exotic. Alaska is a genuinely fascinating place. She's really good looking--poor Tina Fey came off much the worse last night. Palin exudes a certain self-confidence; it was obvious that she is not much impressed, let alone intimidated, by a bunch of entertainers. Not that she should be; she is the most popular governor in America, while they are...celebrities. But, for whatever reason, not all politicians treat entertainers with the same easy confidence.
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