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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Friday, October 17, 2008

Preview of a Thugocracy?

Dan Riehl weighs in on the relentless media attacks... on an Ohio plumber! :

Bill Clinton went from being thought of as the first black President to actually being accused of racism. Among others, McCain has now faced that charge, as well.

Stanley Kurtz and David Fredossa went from being serious journalists and solid researchers to being portrayed as perpetrators of hate and loathsome smear merchants.

Sarah Palin, no matter what you may think of her, went from being the nation's most popular governor to being thought of as a mindless boob now parenting a fifth child they won't even accept as her own.

Now, via Michelle, the NY Times felt compelled to weigh in on a would be plumber. It's truly sickening to see that just about every on line MSM news site is reveling in taking that man down. Just scroll.

Meanwhile, Obama's treasurer - with his own tax liens, it seems - Bill Ayres, Franklin Raines, Jeremiah Wright, James Johnson - Obama himself and others ... are all just fine ethical, upstanding Americans undeserving of any real scrutiny, I guess.

The people above were taken down by Obama supporters in and out of the MSM, his actual campaign, or some combination thereof.

The O-body count is growing and the Left and Obama haven't really even achieved any power of the executive kind so far. Everyone who has gotten in the way of Obama's path to power has been horribly run down. It's also obvious that they would happily destroy them if they could.

If you needed one single reason to vigorously oppose Obama and energetically support McCain, this might be it.

According to this I'm not alone in thinking that.

And yet, for that Joe is being pilloried, every aspect of his private and professional life being sorted through and exposed. To prove ... what? What does that have to do with Obama's answer? What does Joe's situation have to do with Obama's philosophical answer — that he wants to "spread the wealth"? Obama's answer goes down the memory hole while the nation concentrates its fire on obliterating Joe the Plumber.

It's sickening, it's maddening and it's downright chilling.

Sorry for the length. But I am just SEETHING.

And if all that isn't enough - how about simply giving the Netroots and Keith Olbermann a truly, truly horrible day.

If you think it is bad now, just imagine what the thugs will do if they get their hands on all the reins of power. Welcome to Prague, 1968.
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