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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Thursday, January 22, 2009

Summing up Day Three of the Second Coming

Rick Moran, one of the better wordsmiths in the center-right blogosphere struck gold today with this passage:

... It certainly hasn’t stopped the press from piling on the hero worship and granting our new president Hall of Fame status before even throwing his first Major League pitch. Imbuing a politician – even a good one – with superhuman qualities is not a healthy thing in a republic. As this video shows, some even have taken to pledging to be a “servant” to The One. I think supporting Obama is just fine, a truly patriotic thing to do in this crisis to be sure. But I think it is unamerican to kneel in service to anyone – especially a politician and most especially a politician who has only been in office two days.

Two freaking days! Already the press is swooning. “HE’S DIFFERENT!” Oh my God, he’s working in his SHIRTSLEEVES in the Oval Office! He’s already “overturned the entire architecture of the Bush Torture Regime.” Democracy has been restored! Good has triumphed over evil!

Meanwhile, his tax dodging Treausry Secretary (Turbo Tax has denied he could have possibly missed not paying the taxes he owed) is elevated to the status of Wizard. He is Gandolf the Green, Holy Arbiter of the Sacred Scrolls of Bernanke, High Priest of the Bailout. Depending on which genuflecting senator you talk to, he is either “irreplaceable,” or “uniquely qualified.”

I don’t care if he’s an alchemist who can turn pork into gold, just give me an honest public servant please. Or are we to use crooks and liars to get us out of this morass? If that’s the case, get me Michael Milkin on the double! Anyone who can sell the crappy paper he ended up dumping on the unsuspecting rich twits on Wall Street is the kind of guy we need running this bailout thingy. I bet he has the economy humming along in no time.

Read the whole thing here. Turbo Tax background here.

Meanwhile Joe Biden continues to show why he may be the loosest Vice Presidential cannon in US history. (video here) It never ceases to amaze me how successful the smear campaign was against an eminently more qualified Sarah Palin, whereas the Obama acolytes in the media turned the blindest of eyes to a clearly inferior Biden. The Democrats are already on their collective knees praying that nothing happens to the President, because the thought of Biden inhabiting that office in not only frightening as an alternative--he would almost guarantee a Republican win in 2012. This guy makes Dan Quayle look like Churchill.

Second Coming? More like Purgatory...
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