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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Idiot's Guide to the Credit Bubble

Perry De Havilland spells it out; folks, the Obama Administration and their Comrades on Capitol Hill are NOT steering us in the right direction. They are merely working to postpone the inevitable, and in so doing are going to make it worse for everyone. Good luck with that:

Pure genius this is...

Barney Frank, the Democratic chairman of the House Finance Committee, said Mr Geithner should not to repeat the mistakes of his predecessor Hank Paulson, who "lost sight of the rest of the country and pissed them off entirely," with his initial bank bailout.

Frank warned the Treasury Secretary that voters want to see fewer foreclosures and more bank lending to ordinary consumers before they support the rest of the financial rescue plan. "They understand the political need," Mr Frank said.

The plan will help distressed homeowners get modified loans, subsidising lenders who cut interest rates. Mr Frank said the plan would aim ensure that such householders need pay no more than 31 per cent of their income on their mortgage.

Voters want to see fewer foreclosures and more bank lending to ordinary consumers. No doubt they do. I assume they also want more sex, better cars, more holidays and yet another Rocky movie to be made. Or maybe a Caddyshack remake.

This must be read in its entirety to be appreciated.

Meanwhile Kollapsnik over at Club Orlov (who lived through the collapse of the Soviet Union) offers some sage advice for getting through the inevitable "next wave".
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