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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Monday, March 09, 2009

The Final word on Rush and "I Hope He Fails"

Ace nails it:

In a comment, I wrote [some edits):

Well, we have some really big fights here ahead of us and all people seem to have the passion for arguing about is whether "I hope he fails" is now core conservative doctrine.

It's not.

We have more important fights.

I don't want to criticize rush for it. To the extent I'm forced to -- I say it's a remark which hurts us, which is why, get this, the media won't stop talking about it.

See? The media have blacked out coverage of Obama's snub of Gordon Brown. Because that hurts the Democrats.

This, they want to talk about.

And when it is suggested to you that

1) This is not an important hill


2) This is a hill which is difficult to defend


3) We should move on to more important hills,

the "cocktail party elitist" crap starts.

This is fundamentally an unserious and unimportant issue. And those who keep fighting it are apparently happy to dwell on the trivialities and distractions that Obama has admitted he's cooked up for precisely the purpose of distracting you.

My take? It's simple. It was not a helpful comment. I will not defend it because I do not have the time or inclination to waste my time on trivialities. So let's turn the page and move on.

Like -- how about we fucking talk about the stuff Obama does not wanting us talking about?

This is the silly shit Emmanuel, Carville, and Begala came up for us to talk about. Is that what we're doing now?

Why are you guys so jazzed to do precisely what Obama wants you to do? The White House has admitted it cooked this up as a distraction, and i'm trying to tell you fuck the distraction, make a decision either way and let it go and move on, and all I get is this nonsense that I'm not fighting Obama enough by concentrating on the little trivial distraction he constructed for me.

I don't want to fight on this issue, because I could not win even if I tried -- trust me, the average distressed voter is going to be turned off by one party's spokesman rooting against his family's prosperity, or sounding like he's doing so -- and on top of that it's Obama's preferred issue.

You guys say you want to oppose everything Obama does -- how about starting by opposing the menu of conversation topics he's cooked up for you?

As I alluded to the other day, I think Rush is technically telling the truth and the media does not seem to to be able to handle the truth when it comes to what this guy wants to do to the rest of us; and if the public had a clue as to what that is, Rush would have lots of company rooting for that to fail; with that said while I will defend the right of Rush to say it (and it was true..), but like Ace says it doesn't necessarily help the cause because it is a distraction; and right now the media will take any distraction it can get to keep the public focused on anything besides what a colossal failure this President already is.

So let's take Ace's advice. Let's move on to the stuff that matters.
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