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-- Edmund Burke
Friday, March 20, 2009

The Teleprompter President: Un-Motivational Narcissist

Father Goose-Step reads to the kids: Cartoon by Glenn McCoy (click to enlarge)

John Hawkins has not only put together some very solid reasoning as to why this whole teleprompter business matters, but he has revealed an instant classic of a "motivation poster" to boot:

The fact that Barack Obama has trouble speaking without a teleprompter has become a running joke.

Obama's teleprompter

But, many people are no doubt wondering why it matters? So what if he can't talk without a teleprompter? What does it prove?

Well, here's why it matters.

Most people make a fallacious assumption: that eloquent, witty, speakers are also great thinkers. Now, sometimes that assumption turns out to be true and the silver tongued devil is also brilliant.

However, just as often, some of the most articulate, forceful speakers you will ever run across can't think their way out of a paper bag. This country is full-to-bursting with seductive speakers promoting tragically bad ideas.

That brings us to Barack Obama.

There are undoubtedly millions of Americans who voted for him because he gave a good speech and they believed that anyone capable of sounding that good, also must be really competent and smart.

If those same people conclude that Obama can't talk off the cuff and only sounds good because he's reading a script, they may lose confidence in him and his plans. Given that he's a radically liberal incompetent who is hellbent on methodically wrecking this country's future with agenda, the more people who question whether he can really talk -- and therefore, to their way of thinking, must be really smart -- the better.

Poise. Character. Ability to articulate and defend one's beliefs in any circumstance and to persuade without a script. Long press conferences where you respond in detail and with poise to every single question without avoiding or changing the subject-or losing your cool. All these things are qualities of a real, principled leader.

It speaks volumes that so far--when it comes to such non-scripted communications and or his responses to the hostile or unexpected questions he has had to deal with so far--President Obama has been shown to be a "none of the above" President; and a very narcissistic one at that (watch the video!).

UPDATE: More fun from Rick Moran.
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