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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Creating an internal STASI... while giving THEMSELVES Bonuses

Just when you thought you had seen it all; today we find out that Congress has been giving themselves and their staff members huge bonuses, even as they howl at the moon about AIG and other executives getting bonuses. Given Congress' "stellar performance" over the last year (do the words "lowest approval ratings in American history" ring a bell? ... ), to categorize these Congressional bonuses as mere 'hypocrisy' does not do justice to that word. This is postively Orwellian. From today's WSJ (emphasis mine):
Capitol Hill bonuses in 2008 were among the highest in years, according to LegiStorm, an organization that tracks payroll data. The average House aide earned 17% more in the fourth quarter of the year, when the bonuses were paid, than in previous quarters, according to the data. That was the highest jump in the eight years LegiStorm has compiled payroll information.

Total end-of-year bonuses paid to congressional staffers are tiny compared with the $165 million recently showered on executives of American International Group Inc., which is being propped up by billions of dollars of U.S. government subsidies. But Capitol Hill bonuses provide a notable counterpoint to the populist rhetoric and sound bites emanating from Washington these past weeks... The money comes out of taxpayer-funded office budgets, and is surplus cash that would otherwise be forfeited if not spent.

Remember the sickening parade of faux outrage last week on Capitol Hill about AIG? Remember Barney Frank spitting all over himself to name publically the private citizens who got these bonuses, soon to be followed by the sight of non-profit, taxpayer-funded ACORN "protesters" being bussed to stake out AIG and the homes of its (private citizen) executives--all within 48 hours of the President and Frank's public expressions of "outrage"? And despite the fact that it was their own "emergency" stimulus bill that enacted these bonuses--and increased exponentially the public funding of the very same ACORN fringe group leading these dispicable protests?

As an aside, just how exactly is this sort of activity--bought and paid for with YOUR tax dollars--any different from the Brownshirts of 1930's Nazi Germany? Remember these guys from the fall?

Are you sheep and drones so blind that you cannot see what is happening here? Between:
--essentially what we have here are the embryonic stages of some sort of sick blend of the SA, the SS/Hitler Youth, the KGB, and especially the STASI. Meanwhile YOU are being asked to pay for most of it!

I can recall the anger I felt when it was revealed that both the Democrats in Congress and the White House knew in advance these bonuses were going to happen--hell Geithner and Dodd sneaked it into the "emergency stimulus" bill (the same bill that will funnel millions to ACORN); yet neither the President nor the cretins in Congress could resist the temptation to parade around like a bunch of bloviating peacocks expressing how "angry" they were--about the results of a bill THEY said was an "emergency" and absolutely necessary.

But the anger that I felt then--and the hypocrisy of this latest revelation about Congressional staff bonuses--pales in comparison to my unease about the potential of an Obama-led STASI spying on Americans' political loyalties even as they fix the upcoming elections cycles through their manipulation of the census by a clearly partisan fringe group. What's next: re-education camps? Gulags? Or perhaps a "final solution" as envisioned by Ayers and his Weather Underground??

Given the fact that Barack Obama has moved for the first time in US History into the board room of a private enterprise and remove its CEO, and that Barney Frank now wants to determine the salary of all employees of all companies who get a dime of Federal bailout money (can someone please distinguish between this "stimulus money" from the provision of any federal money at all, e.g. defense contracts, etc... Once the line has been crossed, is it not a very small step from there to complete totalitarian control of any buisiness that gets government money?) ; given that each time Obama succeeds in boldly grabbing power that no President has seized before his lust for power grows; given the openly stated desire to turn the census over to the same ACORN who helped him win the election (possibly fraudulently so); given the fact that he wants to create an Internal civilian defense force coupled with the unveiling of the aforementioned Organizing for America zombies who have taken a loyalty oath not to our country, not to the Constitution, but to Barack Obama personally (isn't that what the Hitler Youth did?)... given all these things is it not just a little bit prudent to be absolutely terrified about what else this egomaniacal narcissist intends to do?

Not only have Obama and these modern day Brownshirts crossed the Rubicon on interfering directly with the Board of Directors of a private company (no matter how much stock the government owns); not only have he and the Democrats been busy spending your tax dollars for ACORN's Soviet-style "spontaneous protests" targeting innocent civilians who have been made scapegoats for government failure; Obama has now made clear that he wants to organize groups like ACORN and OFA into something much more sinister and frightening.

No wonder they want to take away the guns of law-abiding citizens. It appears from here that Obama's definition of "law-abiding" is very rapidly evolving from defending the Constituion and our way of life to defending himself and his party from any and all criticism or dissent.

I do not want to be right about all this. But if one just looks at the facts as they have played out and are playing out right before our eyes, how can one not become suspicious that we have elected someone who is very, very dangerous.

Friends, they must be stopped before it is too late. Get involved. Organize. Give to conservative candidates and causes until it hurts. Buy Mark Levin's new book, read it and then live it. Send a tea bag on April 15 to the President, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd and all of the others who have created this mess. And join the tea party that will be happening in your area (whether the media reports it or not)...

It is time to send a message, a message of unity and strength--the same kind of message that was sent to King George at Lexington and Concord in April 1775. Namely that we will not allow ourselves to become subjects of a tyrannical government. And that We the People intend to take our country back.

As the Nike ad says: Just Do It.
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