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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Saturday, April 18, 2009
Not only are warrantless wiretaps still "OK"; the DHS will now use them to spy on the Right...

Monstrous: The hypocrisy is staggering; the implcations are frightening. Which of course is the whole idea:
For eight years, we’ve been treated to hysterical rhetoric from Democrats, including Barack Obama, about the scourge of “domestic spying.” Now that the Obama administration is openly calling for domestic spying — the real thing, not the smear used against President Bush — they’re suddenly silent.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in coordination with the FBI, has issued an intelligence assessment on what it calls “Rightwing Extremism.” It is appalling. The nakedly political document announces itself as a “federal effort to influence domestic public opinion.” It proceeds, in what it acknowledges is the absence of any “specific information that domestic rightwing terrorists are currently planning acts of violence,” to speculate that “rightwing” political views might “drive” such violence — violence, it further surmises, that might be abetted by military veterans returning home after putting their lives on the line in Iraq and Afghanistan. And for good measure, in violation of both FBI guidelines and congressional statutes, the Obama administration promises scrutiny of ordinary Americans’ political views, speech, and assembly.
Read the whole thing. The STASI may be alive and well.

UPDATE: Coming soon to a neighborhood near you?
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