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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Coming Soon to MSNBC.... Obama flushes his own toilet!

So there I was, having a business lunch in one of those places where they have a bunch of TV screens but no sound. As I polished off my Ahi Tuna, I could not help but notice one of the screens, dutifully tuned into The Big Brother Network MSNBC, with the following "Breaking News" trilier at the bottom of the screen: 'THIS JUST IN: Obama and Biden dine in Hamburger joint'...

Or something along those lines. And so I began to daydream...

Yes, yes: I know that the Taliban is in danger of getting Pakistan's nuclear arsenal; that Iran may soon have nukes that will fit into a Hezbollah terrorist's suitcase; that our country is on a direct course for hyperinflation because the hyperboliclally partisan Democrat Politburo passed a budget that its own Congressional Budget Office stated was "unsustainable. I know that thanks to Dear Leader's evisceration of a highly successful Missile Defense program and National Defense in general--so that Harry Reid can build his bullet train to nowhere--we may soon have an EMP blackout or some other catastrophe to look forward to soon; that we have unprecedented interference with Private Corporations, established bankruptcy law and the 5th Amendment by a "runaway train" extra-Constitutional President. These are givens. No need to trouble the American people with these "distractions."

But when Obama and Biden decided (on a mere whim, of course...) to go buy a burger in Alexandria, Virginia instead of taking advantage of the White House chef that we are all paying for? Now that is newsworthy. Needless to say, I was amazed at how incredibly fortunate was the coincidence that that the entire BHO-worshipping NBC News crew just happened to be in the same burger bar with cameras rolling when the motorcade arrived for Obama's "I'm just a Average Joe Burger Moment"--and even got a close up of our "everyman" President placing his order! What an incredible stroke of good luck for that camera crew! The Gods were smiling on MSNBC today. This is investigative journalism at its finest.

And then I began to think about these men and women on the front lines--who put their lives in jeapordy every single day to bring us the cutting-edge news that enables We the People to manage our public servants according to the objective facts (for example, the kind of coverage it provided virtually every single day of the Bush Administration!).

These brave men and women are the very vanguards of our freedoms and justice; the people who stare evil in the face every single day--and speak truth to power, regardless of what party or ideology in en vogue...

Oh, the sacrifices that these and other Journalists have made for us. For example, I would like to also recognize whoever the brave soul (and camera crew!) were who broke the Barack and Michelle hand-holding blockbuster. Move over Woodward and Bernstein! One reporter, against all odds, breaking a story like this? Now that is valor.

But no mention of our brave men and women giving their all can be complete without mentioning the example of that brave New York Times reporter who risked his life, career, and all journalistic integrity he had built up over the years to ask The One during his press conference (hic) how "enchanted" he had been by his own Presidency thus far... (Has Barack awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom yet? This may be a good opportunity to reward the profession who are so dedicated to ensuring that average Americans have the vital information we need to discern the truth, exercise our rights under the US Constitution they care so much about, and to make informed electoral decisions.)

Anyway, I think it is safe to say that what we have here with just the above examples--at minimum--are two Pulitzers in the making . These are shining examples of the men and women who put themselves "in harm's way" every day so that we might see and discern the truth.

So, as we celebrate the spirit and willpower of these modern day "patriots" to endure everything life can throw at them--all for us, Iowahawk has a new idea for an MSNBC "news" program. Enjoy.
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