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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Friday, July 03, 2009

What Palin Should Do Next

Bill Quick has some great advice for Sarah Palin, assuming she is still interested in the Presidency...

Caveat: What follows is based on the notion that Palin will continue her political career, and is setting herself up for a run for the White House in 2012.

1. Start putting her national team together now. Recruit from the best and the brightest of real conservatism.

2. Ignore her enemies, both in the MSM, and in the liberal wing of the GOP. Define herself on her own terms. No more chat-fests with the likes of Katy Couric.

3. Set out to remake the GOP in her image. This means identifying strong conservative candidates for both the House and the Senate, then supporting them with fundraisers, public appearances, the expertise of her team, and clout with the party itself.

4. In the process, she should define herself by attacking Obama’s policies without ceasing, and offering real conservative solutions. This doesn’t mean “conservative lite,” or “new conservative” or whatever other euphemisms are currently being pushed for a “conservatism” that is actually liberalism in disguise. She should also make clear that she can work with that wing of the party, but doesn’t support, and will not try to advance, the dogmas of the “moderate conservative” hacks.

5. If she does this right, she can turn the election of 2010 into a referendum on the failed policies and agendas of Obama and the Democrats. If successful - that is, if she helps to greatly reduce or eliminate the Democrat majorities in Congress - she will have set herself up as the savior of the GOP, as the only politician to defeat Obama, and will thus foreclose challenges from other GOP figures.

6. Spend the next year after that building a huge war chest, honing her campaign and her own talents, and then take it directly to Obama himself from late 2011 on.

And here’s an interesting possible side effect: If Palin is successful in leading a GOP revolution in 2010, look for Hillary Clinton to resign in preparation for her own prexy bid as “the only Democrat who has a chance to beat Palin.”

Spot on. I hope she is listening.
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