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-- Edmund Burke
Thursday, May 31, 2007

Laura Ingraham goes postal: "It's Official; Bush has become a neo-Liberal..."

Wow. Laura Ingraham has taken off the gloves with the President over his speech on the Immigration Bill. Suffice it to say that the President does not seem to be heeding my advice--namely to back down on being so vocally out in front of this disaster of an Immigration bill. So we are just supposed to shut up and nuke the whole Republican party because the President says its a good thing? Unfortunately, even the most powerful man in the world cannot dress up a pig and make it look like anything except a pig.

I'm scratching my head about this because I really do admire the President's stance on the war to date--and I view him as a visionary when it comes to setting the wheels in motion of defending us against the Islamists. But I really don't understand how after 9/11 we can still be so ignorant of border security, or allow the 20,000-60,000 estimated illegals from "countries of interest" to be granted legal status to be here. I don't understand how a bill could not mandate cooperation with state and local law enforcement to deport illegals if they are caught. If nothing else, just by virtue of an person being here illegally from places like Jordan or Saudi Arabia or Sudan or Pakistan should be cause enough in a post 9/11 world to deport that person.

But there is nothing here to make us think the new laws will be enforced, any more than the existing laws are (not) being enforced... I hate to use his father's line, but Mr. President: "where's the beef?"

Kathryn Jean Lopez has much more to say on the fallout between the President and his base:

Maybe I’ve caughtBush Derangement Syndrome. I’d like to believe I have, since that will alleviate my guilt a little. I hate being another Bush-administration detractor.

There’s a war going on, and the stakes are just too high to be fooling around and compromising a commander-in-chief’s authority unnecessarily. I’ll compromise where I have to. I’ll put up with bad judgment here and there: Harriet Miers? The incompetent Alberto Gonzales? Torching the First Amendment by signing campaign-finance reform? The war is important enough that you can get over some things. He knows there’s an enemy out there that hates America. I’m glad he’s president and neither Al Gore nor john Kerry is.

But immigration is about the war, too. It’s literally our first line of defense. Who gets in and out? Who is here? These are pretty fundamental questions in a country where there are already an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants. And yet, the president, instead of taking such concerns seriously, engages in immature name-calling.

What she said. Read it all.

This is ugly, and it could cost us big in the Long War. To paraphrase a great man in Berlin: "Mr. President: Don't tear down this party."

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