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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Three Years on (post-Carry law) no gunbattles yet at U. of Utah

Dr. Helen found a real gem this week. Go figure that there has been no "Bowling for Colombine II" at the University of Utah...

Let's face it, if the Virginia Carry Bill had not been submarined by Democrats and Academic Lefties, there would likely be many fewer dead kids being mourned at Virginia Tech. I don't see how anyone could argue otherwise.

For someone like Cho to get all of the publicity he was seeking, he needed a place where he could easily rack up a big body count--a "Gun Free" zone provided the perfect opportunity. If he did not have the "assurance" that most people in the building he entered would not be armed (for fear of being expelled from the University), he might not have so eagerly entered that situation. And--secondarily--even if he had still gone in, fewer lives may have been taken had some student in one of those classrooms had a weapon to defend his/her self.

So it begs the question: why are we offering the typical deranged publicity-seeking psycho so many "target rich" opportunities by creating all these "gun free" zones in Right-to-Carry states? I can understand not allowing weapons in bars, but I'm having a bit of a problem understanding why a responsible armed teacher--even in grade schools--cannot have the means to protect innocent children from predators.

The answer is not to ban guns on campus. The answer is to allow citizens (in this case, students and faculty) who have proven themselves to be responsible adults (after loopholes are closed) to have the means to protect themselves and society from those who do not belong in it. Only then in my view will mass murders like the Virginia Tech tragedy subside in this country. It looks like the folks in Salt Lake City have figured that out.

I think it is time we took a hard look at this, before more Virginia Techs or another Beslan occurs here.

UPDATE: Glenn (and Gov. Perry) agrees.

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