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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Monday, August 13, 2007

On Rove's Resignation

Without spending too much time on Karl Rove's resignation, in short I think the President has been better off with Rove's advice than without it. And Rove leaves with the President's numbers on the upswing even as the Democrat Congress continues to show the worst polling numbers in Congressional recorded history. (Go figure...). All in all I think we may not know Rove's true impact on this Presidency for a while--suffice it to say that I'm glad he was on the President's team, and not on the opposition's.

Meanwhile Laura W. posts over at Ace's place with a predictible (but nevertheless appallingly deranged) sampling from the Democrat Underground:
The White House Won't Look Different but it'll sure smell better. I hope whatever cave he flaps off to has laid in a goodly supply of Febreeze.

I don't buy that 'more time with the family' crap. Unless they mean the Republican crime family.

that bastard ain't going anywhere
the heat is getting so close so he is running to Texas but he will just be operating bush's puppet strings remontely

Exactly. The continuity of power is absolutely necessary to keep Imperial Amerika
"in higher, tighter and righter hands," to quote our First Emperor, Poppy Augustus (1984-1992).

You will see some combination of Loyal Bushie Comrades at the side of the next Emperor (unless the next Emperor of Amerika is permitted to be a Democrat, which I will simply not believe until I see it) which will be the real power in the naive and beholden Romney or Ghouli Imperium.

And Karl's resignation, which has absolutely nothing to do with what the Imperial Subjects of Amerika or our bootickling Imperial Congress want, is the logical step in terms of the Bush Imperium contiuing to keep Amerika a BushPutinist Nation, no matter who takes power.

I think Ol' Karl would view the Democrat Left's vitriol and loony conspiracy theories as being good for Republicans in general. And it is hard not to agree with that notion: you can't keep a pig from being a pig by dressing it up.

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