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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke
Friday, May 08, 2009

Yet another State Stands up: Idaho Legislature declares Sovereignity

I really like the text of the resolution. Very similar to the text in at least one of the Texas bills I've read (there are four).

It appears that many States in our Union are not content to sit idly while the "The One" and the Activist Statists in our Federal Government attempt to steamroll over their Constitutional rights. Good. As it should be. I am hoping that Texas enacts its own resolutions into law quite soon. I saw yesterday that in Oklahoma, both House and Senate passed it, Dem Governor vetoed..but the House overrode the veto! Good job OK!

But--even if many more states also pass this measure--there still is much more to do if we are to take our country back... Now is not the time for complacency; now is the time to get organized.

Whittle/Gingrich '12!

I also like (a lot!) what I am seeing from Paul Ryan.
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